Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Elvis in San Antonio

Good Morning Ya'll......or is it goodnight?  As you can see, Tori and Mylee are sound asleep...But wait, are they really?  Hey, it looks like Barbie has crashed too!

This is day three of our San Antonio trip and these two girls had been up for a couple of hours when this pictures was taken.  Both of them were being little jokester's.  Mylee just could not hold back her little grin and as soon as she heard the flash of my camera, her eyes opened wide. 

On this particular day, we were going to go over to the big convention center to see exactly what is was that their Pops was doing....This was a Nursery Convention and Pops was selling Trees...Pecan trees, Fruit trees, shade trees, etc.

They could not wait to see where all the people were going.  They could not wait to see what they could get in to.  The very first thing that they both noticed was that everyone was carrying a bag and immediately they wanted to know where they could get their bag.  Just so happens that the booth across from where Pops was sitting had these beautiful colored bags.  With not a shy bone in her body, Tori asked if she could have one and stated that her baby cousin needed one as well. 

There were over 1300 booths in the Convention Hall and these girls were now ready to visit them all.  Bags in one hand, blanket in another, here we go....
You see, almost every booth has something to give away.. Pens, balls, candy, clips, cups, glasses, more candy, sun shades, bandanna's, you name it and you could just about find it there. 

Hey, this was going to be better than "Trick 'R Treat."  Free Give Aways plus it was cool in there. 

This was one of the first booths we stopped at.  Check out the "Diva" in the background.  Don't you just love her skirt.  It truly was a very well decorated booth with a lot a character!!

They could not believe there was an airplane in the building.  I had my hands full trying to keep them from climbing in and trying to fly the thing...

I can't possibly forget to tell you about the Elvis booth.  Elvis was in the building and Tori was fortunate enough to have her picture made with him.  The batteries went down on my camera and I was not able to snap a picture of them before the announcement was made that "Elvis Has Left the Building"   As you can see, the people in this booth fixed her up with the glasses, Hawaiian leis, and a picture of the two of them.  As soon as I get a copy of the picture, I will be happy to share it with you.  Elvis could forget about Miss Mylee Jo...there was NO WAY that she was going to go near him!

This is Tori in front of the "Outhouse"
Again,  No way Mylee was going to go near something like this...

We walked up and down every single isle smiling so sweetly and politely asking for whatever it was they had to give away....

It was definitely time to rest.....

Both of them were exhausted.  We headed back to the room for some rest and to let them dig through their bag of goodies.  Tori had collected 62 pens plus everything else and Mylee had 49. 

We went back the next day and all in all, I think they ended up with about 137 pens.

The rest of the trip was spent shopping, swimming, sight seeing and more swimming.  I guess I could add a lot of eating to that as well.  I think they both had Ice Cream every single day.  (shhh....don't tell their moms)

This was truly a very good GET AWAY, and Sam and I both enjoyed having the girls with us.  I really have so much more that I could tell.  We did so many interesting things and had dinner with some wonderful people.  When I am able to post Tori's picture of her and Elvis, I hope to be able to share a few more things.  For now, I am glad to be back home.  Always a lot of fun to take trips, but always wonderful to come home!

Thanks for taking this trip with us...Hope to see you tomorrow morning! 
I'll be serving homemade Cinnamon Rolls, Banana Nut Bread, coffee, milk and juice. 


Bless the Lord, Oh my soul....And all that is within me, Bless His Holy name. 

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marshas said...

So glad your trip turned out so good - looks and sounds like the girls had a blast! San Antonio is lots of fun.

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