Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What's going On?

Here At Home:

Hey ya'll, thanks for stopping by to see me this morning.  It is going to be another HOT day!...... It will be one of those days when all you can think about is staying cool...I don't even want to go anywhere!  Guess it's just a great day to catch up on some things.. 

So.....Sam and I have been trying to lose some weight.  (Have a Dr. appt. scheduled soon, so it is a must that I shed some pounds)

I really have been working hard, but you know what happens when you are dieting, don't you?  Temptation sneaks up like a hungry wolf and tries to divert your thinking....

Sam brought home some wonderful little books that came in the mail at the office.  These books are filled with all kinds of Yummy tasting foods. 
Shrimp and Potatoes with Chipotle-Pecan Salsa
Pork Tenderloin with Texas Vegetable Slaw
Ancho Chiles Stuffed with Spinach, Mushrooms and Pecans
Old Fashion Mac and Cheese
South of the Border Chicken Breast
Triple Berry Crisp
Peach Cobbler

Oh my goodness....I have to quit looking at them.

It's that time......It is time for school to start!  The kids are here all summer long, running in and out, playing and just being kids.  Their mothers (Both Teachers) are coming and going and we are all doing things together.
Now it is time for them to all go back to school and I have to re-adjust my schedule.  Next week will be a difficult week for Mylee..her little schedule will change as well.  Back to Shug's house!

I can't wait.....for our trip this weekend...Looking forward to spending some time with Sam, and some of our wonderful friends.  Probably won't be much dieting going on throughout this trip....I love me some Cajun Food!  Yum!  Can't wait to do a little shopping at the Antique Shops!  Maybe some Christmas shopping too..

Oh....did I mention......Mylee, and I are going to be taking a trip next week.  Hope Shanda will be able to stand being away from her baby for about 6 days!  Hope Shug survives!!  Just guess who my new bed partner is going to be?  That is right..Mylee Jo.  My plans are to keep her very busy during the day, so she will sleep well at night!!  I'm not crazy....this will be fun!!

Where is the month of August going....I do not know.  I realize that it is only the 10th, but when you have two trips planned, school starting, grandson having scrimmage games, and four birthdays, the month is gone before we even turn around..Taylor and I have not even started her school clothes shopping...Yikes!  I can remember when my birthday was the only thing on the calendar for the month of August...Now this is one of our filled months...

What I'm thinking is.....That I am ready to redo some things in the house.....Change some colors.  I do love the reds and golds, but I think it's time to move on to something else.  I just have not found the exact colors yet.  Would really like to get this done before the Holidays.  Need to shop for a new sofa.  I don't think the RED sofa is going to blend with any of the colors that I choose.  Oh wait....Feng Shui says you need some red!! I'm not into that though...maybe I should be, need the flow of energy to do something....ha!

So much to do and so little time...I have blankets to make and I want to make sure my pantry is stocked before winter...Wow, I think I am already exhausted.

Not to worry though...I will get it done!


Exert your energy....make some changes....and ALWAYS BE HAPPY!

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Country Dreaming said...

Slow down there girl--you are going to wear yourself out! I'm worn out and all I did was read.
Sounds like you have a lot ccoming up.
August has just gone out the window. I go back to school tomorrow and my kids come in on Monday. Whatever happened to starting school after Labor Day?????

Enjoy your trips can't wait to hear about them.


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