Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Trip Continued

Our San Antonio Trip Continues......

Have I already reached that forgetful stage in my life.....Let me back up to just a couple of hours before arriving in San Antonio.  I think Sam must have had a lot of thinking going on before we even left that morning.  He planned a stop that I totally was not expecting. 

Sam remembered just how much I loved the fish tacos at the Gruene River Mill in Gruene, Texas. just happens that this wonderful eating joint is just slightly  off the path that we were traveling in.  What's a few miles to make a wife happy?  Yes, he surprised me with a wonderful lunch of Fish Tacos!!

Now, on to more of the trip.....

The next morning we woke up and Tori and Mylee were ready to hit the pool, but, we decided to take the girls to see "The Alamo" 

I wasn't sure that we would ever make it into the actual fort area because there were so many interesting things to see right there on the grounds. 

                                  Check out this tree....And what would you think  a child would be thinking when they saw this tree.....Exactly Right..The perfect tree to climb....But wait!  Signs everywhere...Do Not Climb On Trees....

How about this one....again, the perfect tree to climb.  But wait, they had to hire Tori to stand there and hold the branches up!

The landscape was very eye appealing and some of the plants were very different from what we have here at home.

Beautiful Cactus.....

And many other plants with vibrant colors of orange and yellow blooms.

There were all kinds of trees, but this one was very interesting....

And then....there it was....THE AlAMO

A very real place.   A place where men made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom.  The Alamo remains as hallowed grounds and is the Shrine of Texas Liberty. 

Tori was very impressed with the tomb that held the bones of 4 unknown soldiers.  She was also very excited to learn that a decedent of Sam's was Doctor Amos Pollard.

The Girls took their very first Bus ride, as we traveled to the Mexican Market...Food was what we had on our minds at this time and we knew the Best place for good Mexican Food...  Sam and I have eaten at this place several times, but have never known the name of the restaurant.  Location was all that was needed for these four hungry people.   

This place has a lot of very interesting decorations and some of them were not Mylee's favorite. 

Look at this beautiful wood carved bench.  Well, it wasn't so beautiful to Mylee....Seems that Miss Mylee was scared of the man's face.  True art work....but the picture was as close as we were going to get, because she was terrified of the face...(I love zooms on cameras...they come in handy sometimes)

She would not go anywhere near the bench....She kept saying something like "I cared" know like "I'm Scared"

After eating, we decided to take a River Ride....This was a big hit for both Tori and Mylee. 

We saw buildings with some magnificent architecture.

We saw trees growing out of the walls....

And we saw this gorgeous piece of mosaic art work on the wall at the convention center....Thousands of tiny little pieces of tile, delicately placed to form such an interesting picture of their history.

The next day....we made another trip to the river.  This time we did not ride the boat, we walked.  I remember at one point, hearing Tori say....."These feet can not take one more step." 

There is so much to do in San Antonio!

I have one more post that will conclude our trip to San Antonio. 
Stop back by tomorrow morning and share a cup of coffee with me.  Let me share a little "Elvis" with you.  I can guarantee that your sure to love it....


Be Blessed today....Prepare your heart today for the word of God tomorrow!!

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gbearden125 said...

We took the kids to the Alamo the summer after Rick had studied it in grade school. He gave us a narrative regarding everything we saw...actually very helpful because I didn't & still don't like history!

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