Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, August 27, 2010

If it's gonna happen, then.....

How Sweet It Is To Be Home......That statement reminds me of a song...."How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You"........OK, I'll get back on track.

This has been such a busy week with school starting, unpacking clothes and doing laundry, getting back into the swing of cooking, and Oh yes,  My Birthday!!

Our trip last week to San Antonio was great and  I want to take the time this morning to share some pictures with you.......I would have posted about this earlier in the week, but like I said, too many other things rated high above a nice relaxing trip! 

This was a business trip for Sam, but he invited me to go and I needed the break.....So, I took Mylee and Tori with me!! ( Now is that funny or what?  Need a break, so I take two granddaughters with me.)  I can truly say that both of them were little ANGELS and we loved having them with us.....

The first day was great!  A good six hour trip, but the girls kept us pretty entertained.  We only had to stop about ten times for potty breaks.   Some of those breaks were false, but what can you expect from a 2 year old that has only been potty trained for a few months.   After about seven hours, we finally made it to our destination.  As soon as we got to our hotel, we unloaded the luggage and went straight to the room.  Sam (pops) had some work to do, so the girls and I headed for the pool..

What we are pointing at is "The Tower of the Americas"

A tower that was built for the Hemisphere in San Antonio way back in like 1968 or 69.  It has a revolving restaurant at the top with a view of downtown San Antonio. 

All the girls could talk about was wanting to go eat HIGH IN THE AIR.   Sam and I had already discussed taking them to eat in the tower.    With all of their excitement, we just simply could not pass it up....

Reservations were made for 8:00 P.M.  and the girls could hardly wait.  We took a taxi cab over to the tower (This was Tori and Mylee's first trip in a Taxi Cab) and as we start to get out, the taxi cab driver opened both sides of the automatic sliding doors.  Keep in mind as I tell the rest of this story, that I was trying so hard to get out and hurry around to get Tori's hand before the door closed on her hand. 

We walk down this beautiful walk way that led directly to the tower.  Along the way, we saw several waterfalls that were so very intriguing.  The water rolled from one rock onto another and the sound was absolutely peaceful.  Tori ask if I would take a picture of her and Mylee with the water in the background.  I was like sure....and you know this Shug was not going to pass up taking a picture of her granddaughters!!  I reached for my camera that was inside my purse, but there was No camera  because there was  No purse.  I Was In Such A Hurry That I Left My Purse In The Floor Of The Taxi.......

I honestly thought I was going to have a heart attack and by the look on Sam's face, I really thought he was going to kill over right there.  My phone was in my purse and Sam did not bring his with him.  We were really in a predicament!   Sam told me to stay there with the girls and he would walk back over to the hotel to see what he could do.  I am going to say that he probably had to walk at least a mile.  The girls and I went inside the lobby of the tower and sat down.  All three of us were praying "God, please let him find the purse"

It was definitely HOT outside, but my temperature must have been at least 110 degrees by now.  I was so stressed that I broke out in a sweat.  Then, at one point the lady at the desk came over and I remember hearing her tell me that we needed to stay on one side of the building because it seemed they had an unwanted creature in the building.  I think that is all I heard.  All of a sudden here are these two guys with wearing heavy gloves and they looked like they were on a very serious mission.  Indeed they were.  I'm not sure if it was a snake or a bat, but something (not good) was in that building, just about 20 feet from us.  You all know how deathly afraid of snakes I am, but I did not have the time to worry about a silly snake or bat.  I needed my purse back!! 

Oh my.....What a Blessing......The taxi Cab driver had driven directly back to the hotel and he never even knew that I had left my purse in his vehicle.  After about 25 minutes, we look up and here comes Sam, getting out of the same taxi cab, and the cutest thing (and the BEST thing) was seeing him tote my purse.   Thank you Lord for watching over us!  Now we could continue with our evening plans...SWEAT and all!

Mylee and Tori both were so amazed how the floor turned at the restaurant.  The view was gorgeous and the food was simple amazing....We had a great time and the girls had an opportunity to experience something that they had never done before. 

There is so much more to talk about, so I think I''ll continue this trip tomorrow........

Tori....swimming like a fish....

Mylee...swimming without her floats

Sam...relaxing in the pool

Mylee jumping in the pool....

Tori....taking time out for a picture

Come back tomorrow and check out the rest of our interesting trip......

Sorry....No pictures of us eating inside the tower.  Seems that my camera was not in my purse, it was in the hotel room....Duh!!

Need a trip?  Need a get away?   Be sure you take your grandchildren with you!  You will be Blessed!


marshas said...

It could only happen to you - maybe we should let Sam blog about this - his might read differently. And forget your camera - who ever heard of such - I know ya'll had a great time!!

gbearden125 said...

I have left my purse a few times also, always afraid someone would get all my money...hahahahaha. Left it in the booth at Whataburger one night & didn't notice until I got home, but instead of calling them I jumped in and headed back to Tyler. Just a couple of weeks ago I went to visit Virginia Chapman at the Waterton Plaza and turned in to McAllisters for some tea, but no purse. I was fairly confident that she would hold onto it for me until I missed it...she was just smiling when I got back to her room. I really like to take it with me everywhere I go, but I hate to leave it in the vehicle when we get out. Wonder if this is middle stages of dementia....think I am already passed beginning stages!

Sorry I missed your visit today....and I LOVE my prizes. Since I retired it seems my schedule is full everyday so Ben already has my weekly planner on the fridge. Now if I can just REMEMBER to look at it! Also I can already see a fight coming this winter with the blanket...hope you told him this was MY prize, not his.

Nezzy said...

Oh my goodness girl, things could of turned out very bad for ya'll. Ya gotta love that Sam, now it takes a real man to go out and lasso a womans purse like that. You granddaughters are just precious, ya sure know how to take a 'break' sister!

God bless ya, welcome home and have a fantastic Friday!!!

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