Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, August 20, 2010

I remained calm...I took a few deep breaths...I am proud of myself...

So, for the past few months, I have had nothing but headaches with my NEW phone...
Purchased a DROID back in April and I have really enjoyed this phone....with the exception of all the dropped calls, my emails not coming through, and my Face Book not working...

I guess what I have enjoyed about the phone is, ......Well what is it?  

I have been to the Phone Co. (I suppose I will keep the name of the company to myself at this time) to try to get the thing fixed numerous times.  At one point, they had to completely delete everything off of my phone and start from the beginning with it...Headache, Yes...lost all contacts, pictures, apps. EVERYTHING.......Still not working properly!

We all know how hard it is to speak directly with a doctor.  I was on the phone with my Dad's doctor and guess what?  Dropped Call....  BP rising at this point.  A few days later, I made another attempt to stop by and check with (V) to see what they could do about my phone.  "Oh" the guy says...."let me do one thing" he comes back and says, "It was not linked to all the towers and so we upgraded that for you.  You should have no more problems."  I took the man at his word and left.

Next day....Dropped calls, no email....Next day....Dropped calls, no email...
This has gone on for two weeks now.  Today, Sam and I make another attempt to get the phone fixed.  After all, I am paying for service that I can not even use.  I explain everything to this very nice young lady...After checking my account, she comes back and says that she really can not do anything because you have to have more than ONE complaint before the company will let them do anything.

OK..excuse me!  I have made several complaints about the phone.  But, guess what...The others sales reps never  posted anything about it.  It was as if that was my first time in the store.
Not only had I been in there to try to get something done (Several times) but all together I probably have spent three or four hours waiting in line and waiting on them to do their magic.

By this time, Sam steps into the picture.  He is insistent  that they fix my phone.  Finally, with the managers permission, she comes back and says that they are going to send me a new phone.  I just happened to ask one important question.  "Are they sending me a NEW phone or a certified phone?"  The reply:  A certified phone.  By this time, I am livid.  We had a bit of a discussion and they informed me that they could not do anything else.  It either had to be the certified phone or I would have to keep mine.  Their hands were tied they said and they had no control over it. 

What else was I to do...I finally had to accept it.....WELL, they are gone for a long time and then they come back to inform me that there are no certified phones in the warehouse, ANY WHERE.
The only thing they could do is give me a NEW, yes I said NEW phone.  I could not believe what I just heard.  Can you believe that?   Just 10 minutes prior, A new phone was the impossible thing.  No way could they give me a new phone. 

When I left, I had a NEW phone and as of right now it works great.....It just amazes me the things that can happen SUDDENLY.  My point is this....if something like this happens to you, do not let them tell you that they can not do something...They can, and I have proof!


I now know why I am not rich....I would have had to do the right thing from the start...My customer would have been satisfied.  I thank God for seeing my situation and for Blessing me!


marshas said...

Do I get BJ a Droid or not? Sure makes me wonder - my luck we would get a lemon. Glad you got a NEW one.

gbearden125 said...

I never wanted a cell phone but Carla thought I needed one & got me ome for Mothers day a couple of years ago. When I retired she got me an IPhone (as long as I pay my part of the bill) and some days I don't even use it. When on a trip I do like the facebook & internet, but my reception at my house is no good. Ben's little $9.95 phone gets great reception...go figure! Not long ago though you could have called & talked to the same person each time & they would at least offered a little sympathy. Stay on them!

Country Dreaming said...

You go girl! Don't let anyone run over you.


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