Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Classic

Sam and I have a new dream wish......

A classic Car!....When we were in High School, Sam drove a Red Sky Lark, so what better classic would we want?

We have been to a couple of car shows with some of our very good friends (Dan and Trella)

What fun it was!  Walking around looking at the different kinds of Classic and Vintage cars, listening to good music and enjoying a good Ol' tail gate party..

We both would love to have a 1970-71 Red Buick Sky Lark with a Black Vinyl top.  What memories it would bring back of our dating days! Great memories!

It would be fabulous to be the owner of a piece of history!  What fun it would be to imagine the places that the car had been or to picture the passengers that an old car like that might have carried....

I told Sam that if we can't find the Red Sky Lark, then I would settle for an old VW Van.....Can you imagine the history behind one of those things?
Hippie Days, I would say.

We are going to keep looking and maybe one of these days, we will run across this piece of history that we are dreaming about!

What a ride it will be!!


I am happy that we are still able to dream and wish.......Who knows, maybe someday our dreams and wishes will come true!


gbearden125 said...

Duh....didn't he get you the "slug-bug" you wanted? He probably thinks you will get him this car for his birthday-Fathers Day-Christmas-anniversary. Start saving your money!

marshas said...

Think you have the fever and maybe you will come across just the right thing. Good Luck!!

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