Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cajun for a Day

And a Happy Wednesday Morning to all of you.....I am Blessed today!  How bout you? 

Well, our weekend trip with great friends turned out to be more than I could have ever imagined....We simply had a magnificent time.....

The eight of us left out early this past Sat. morning.....6:30 to be exact.  Our first stop was maybe 20 miles away.  Now is that funny or what?  Less than 20 miles away and we were all hungry!
  Yep...first stop was McDonald's.....Carmel Frappe'

We determined at that point that we were going to have to shift our gears into a faster mode, or it would be impossible to make it to our destination before dark....Breaux Bridge, Louisiana was a long way away, but when you have 5 women in one car you know how fast time can pass.  Talk, Talk, Talk, and then more Talk!  We were chatting so fast that the tires were spinning without even using the gas.. .....   We could tell that the guys in the truck in front of us were doing a lot of chatting themselves.  They evidently were doing a lot of talking with their hands.  We would see one moving his hands all about, and then the other one would pick right up and his hands would start moving.  We are assuming they were in some kind of deep conversation...

We finally arrived!  One hour earlier than planned I might add....Prejean' of the best eating places in Lafayette....We drove 6 hours to eat their  Corn Crab Bisque .

As you can see, our friends Dan, Bobby Joe, and Susan were very excited to be dining at Prejean's. 

Check out the Bread Pudding.....To Die For!!!!!!!

We finished eating around 1:30 and decided to head on down to Breaux Bridge for our planned Antique shopping. The only problem was......the guys had made some plans of their own. Seems that there was a Gun Show going on right there in Lafayette. What a coincidence that we would be in Lafayette the very same weekend.

We stopped by the Holiday Inn, checked in and then we were off. Guys going in one direction and the Gals going another. They had no idea what fun we were going to have, or they would have passed up the gun show and shopped with us.......They are the ones that missed out!  just sayin'

I think we went into every shop in that town.  My feet were telling me that enough was enough.
There were so many things that caught my eye, like this beautiful church and the cemeteries with the above ground tombs.  As we started to leave, we noticed that there were two rows of cars parked on the streets.  We finally came to conclusion that it was Mass and there just simply was not enough parking places for all those that were attending.  Very unusual

That evening, we made our way down to a place called Mullate's.  A real Cajun hang out!
Oh yes,  Cajun music, Cajun food, and Cajun friends.   I realized that I needed a little help learning to dance to Cajun music, so I ask a group of "Red Hat Ladies" if I could join them.
They taught me some moves that I didn't even know I could do.....Lots of fun!

Then, I found myself kissing some fellow named Sam.  We found an old telephone booth and thought this would make a great picture for our grandchildren to see!!  Lots of Laughs!!

We all made it back to hotel around 9:00  and some of the guys decided to take a little swim.
We, (the Gals) were just going to watch.  Things did not exactly work out as planned.  The guys got a little carried away and decided that they would throw the women into the pool, clothes and all.  The problem with this was......not all of them got thrown in....ONLY ME!

We had a lot of laughs and the next morning we had even more laughs.  The reason for those laughs is because we were all sore and realized that maybe we were a little above age to be trying to wrestle others into the pool!!

Our next stop was in the little town of Washington.........We were not going to see any Presidents, only Antiques...

Take a look at this old school building.  They no longer have school in this building, so the town has turned it into a antique shop....The old gym was also filled with all kinds of antiques.  Can you imagine how many antiques you can shop for in a building this size.  I found so many unique items, but all I came home with was a bell....A little tiny bell.   Not Sam though....oh no, he found himself an old peddle tractor with a trailer and some other good items as well. 

There was one thing that caught my eye about this old school building.  Take a look at the steps.

Just look how worn the steps are.  Can you imagine all the shoes, all the feet that have climbed these stairs.  So much history in so many lives......I love it.  I love seeing things like this.

This old tree spoke to my heart.  Just take a look at it...Lots of twist and turns of the branches.  Our lives are just like that.  We had a wonderful weekend with some of our very dear friends.  These are friends that we went to school with.  We graduated in the same class together, way back  in 1971.  Since that year, our lives have all taken a lot of turns.  We have all gone in different directions and explored life in many different ways, yet,  we all have remained as friends.  We have a very special bond and I am very proud to have each of them as my friend.
Love to them all!
Appreciate your friends......Let them know that you do!


marshas said...

What a GREAT trip it was!! Can hardly wait for Branson, but we will be with a bigger group so we MUST be nice!! (Just realized today I was suppose to comment. I thought I was suppose to shout at you.)

gbearden125 said...

Not sure I commented right went away after I selected a profile! Bobby Joe was still ticked last night because Marsha didn't want him showing his white legs during the swimming time....she needs to loosen up on him! Glenda

Trish said...

Looks like you had a fun adventure! I am with you. I love discovering things like worn paths on stairs. It makes you stop and think. And I also love trees. My friend Carrie has a picture of a tree she took I'll tag myself in so you can see it on facebook. So cool.

Mary Margaret Scott said...

Looks like a great time. LOVE the picture of y'all in the phone booth. Too cute! I am sure all of the grandkids will love it too. :)

Country Dreaming said...

Spending time with friends is great. Glad you had a great time.


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