Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wish upon a Star!

Wishing on a Shooting Star.....Most all of us have seen a shooting star.  They are absolutely beautiful..I think one of the things that intrigues us when we see one is the fact that it is so fast!  Almost as if you barely can catch a glimpse of one.  It is also a rare occasion when we do get to witness a bright light shooting across the sky.....

Not long ago, Sam and I were traveling at night and very suddenly there was a glint, shooting across the sky.  We were very excited and really could not believe that we both saw it at the same time. 

We all have heard of Wishing Upon A Star...well, how great was this going to be?  Sam could make a wish and I could make a wish as well.....Really, who has not wished upon a star?

They say that if you Wish from your Heart, that it will come true....A wish is simply to have a strong feeling of wanting something to come true....

I want a lot of things to come true, so why not go ahead and make the wish?
Do I really expect the wish to instantly be there?  No.....

I can remember when I was younger, we all would argue over the one single Wish Bone of the chicken....I was even too young to really know what it meant to make a wish, but I sure as heck was not going to give up on getting that wish bone!!

I do love seeing the stars...Another thing that I remember when I was a child, was watching the stars.  I can not tell you how many nights we would lay with our heads on the window seal and count the stars.  Sometimes we would fall asleep from counting them.....

What a great thing to add to my HSC list...(Heart, Soul and Courage)
To spend a night outside, just watching the stars.  Surely I won't be afraid of the coyotes!

I always think of my mother and my sister when I see the bright, glowing stars at night....There is such a Peace that radiates through me.   It's as if the twinkle of the stars are speaking to me.  Letting me know that they are watching over me and my family.....

I do long to see another shooting star....and yes, if I do I will make another Wish


Allow yourself the time to be a child again...Wish upon a Star!


marshas said...

Love looking at the Stars!!

Mary Margaret Scott said...

I have always wished on the stars...and I liked to think that my mom hears those wishes in least I wish she does! ;)

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