Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Patience is a Virtue

Stability Composure Calmness Courage strength
Character Love dedication Tolerance Meditation Constraint Balance
Steadiness composure Fairness  Justice Acceptance submission
Cool  Peace Quietness Passive kindness lenience sensitivity

And you are probably wondering what on earth I am talking about............

What I am talking about is Patience......

This is a word that we all like to dance around.  Many, many times I have heard "Don't pray for patience".  It has been said that if we pray for patience, we are going to be tested that much more and life is going to be that much more difficult.  

 There  are actually many different kinds of patience.  The one that most of us are familiar with is the patience needed when we are in a stressful  situation.  This kind of patience can really drive us to our limits.  In a sense, it becomes exhausting both mentally and physically.  

In one single day, we can be faced with countless reasons to lose our patience.  Like when people irritate us with little gestures that they do, when people show up late for a meeting, when a telemarketer calls, or how bout this one, when the person driving the car in front of you is not going fast enough.  I can name many minor little irritations that cause our reactions to jump the track. 

Another form of needing patience is when we are afraid of an outcome.  If a loved one is sick and we are not sure of what the future holds for that person, then we become impatient.  It is almost as if we want to be the one in control.  We do not want to wait on God or His timing.  We want immediate results, which only causes frustration within ourselves. 

Patience really is a virtue, which means that by having patience, we allow others to see our character traits or qualities that are valued as always being good.  Having patience is always an extension of having love for others.
We need to accept daily disappointments and move on by allowing God to be in control of every situation.  

Having patience can improve our lives if we will allow it to.
We need to give patience a chance.  Patience opens the doors for us to learn new things.  Patience comes to those that wait.  When we are able to remain calm, smile and wait on the Lord, then we know that anything is possible.  We get to decide if our day we be filled with misery or if our day will be filled with the power of God's love.


Do not allow a grain of sand to control your life......Let that grain of sand become a pearl of compassion that all can see.......


1 comment:

Country Dreaming said...

This word is not currently in my vocabulary.
Oh, I try very hard to be patient and I can do it but....when I am wating for the outcome of something it is not there at all.
It's an ongoing process for me even at my age.

Have a wonderful Thursday.


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