Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Girls will be Girls!

Oh, it is true that girls will be girls.....My girls and I, plus Mylee had a ball this past weekend.  Of course this is nothing unusual.  I was so sad that Tori was not there, because she would have been a real show out! (she chose to hang out with the guys back at the pool) That's OK though, we are planning on having a girls weekend coming up real soon!  NO GUYS ALLOWED....  Tori will be there and her little personality will be shining.

You just can't put anything past us, especially when Trista and Shanda are wound up!  My girls know how to have a great time.  Check out our hats!  I am very surprised that the management didn't insist that we model for them the rest of the day.  Cute?.....I might say, we were CUTE! 

Sometimes we all act super sophisticated, and sometimes we  act like the backwoods cousin from Arkansas that just came to town.  I won't let them do this anymore, but they use to carry a set of bubba teeth to pull out from time to time.  They would go in the dressing room and get all dressed up and come out to the big mirror, bubba teeth and all...CRAZY LOOKS coming from  EVERYWHERE!  Trista does get a little embarrassed from time to time, but she knows that the more she acts embarrassed, the more that Shanda is going to cut up!!

And oh my goodness.....If the store has some of that funky music playing, you can count on the dancing moves to take over.  Shanda is the dancing pro of this family.  She won a dancing contest many years ago and she knows all the moves.   Mylee and Tori follow along and before you know it, we have an audience. 

We really do have some great times.  One time we had tucker and Carson with us.  This was at the mall in Tyler.  We talked them into trying on these cute little boy suits, tie and all.  Once they got them on and we started the video camera, these guys were hooked.  They loved it!  One of them, and I think it was Tucker, even went to the front window of the store and pretended he was a model......

Having a great time with everything you do, isn't that what life is all about?  It is wonderful having two terrific daughters that still enjoy their mom.  It is also the best feeling ever seeing their closeness and getting to be a part of it. 

If you ever wake up feeling Blue, just give us a call....Shopping we will go, and when you get home, I promise your  blue's will be gone.... far away!!


Love offers everything that I want and Love is always available to me!


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Country Dreaming said...

This sounds like something my friends and I would do. What am I talking about--we've done this!!
It's like reading greeting cards and laughing out loud because you found one that tickled your funny bone.

Most people just don't understand this kind of fun. Oh well....

Have more fun!!!


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Yes....My Grandkids Rock