Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fickle, Pickle

How does a bright individual such as myself, end up making a decision on a sudden whim?

Most often we make bad decisions because we do not prepare ourselves in advance for the possible outcome.  We jump in and allow our emotions to control our thoughts. 

Decision making is a part of life and for this reason, we need to accept that every single decision has a chance for error.  We should always weigh the pros and cons before engaging in any spur of the moment decisions!

I really am laughing at myself right now.  My fickleness (is that a real word? I'm not sure, so I will use the word capricious)  Let me start over.....My capricious behavior takes over sometimes and I end up questioning whether or not I have done the right thing. 

You all know that I cut my hair a few weeks ago.  I love having shorter hair, but did I really take the time to weigh those pros and cons of having short hair.  I certainly did not!   It was just last week that I was  talking about these little waves of curls that have popped up everywhere on my head.  The more I tried to work with them, the wilder they became.  My thoughts were "what in the world have I done."  I have gone from pulling my hair back in a pony tail, to having to wash and blow dry my hair a couple of times a day.

And the worse is yet to come,  what I did was the unthinkable!  Can you believe I betrayed my hair stylist?  I made the mistake of making a quick, spur of the moment decision to cut my hair.  I knew that my hair girl was either on vacation or booked,  (I actually did try to call, and she was booked...Just as I expected) so, I decide to call someone else.  This person did a great job, and I was very pleased.

But, Uh Oh......Yesterday at 3:00 P.M.  I had to face Shari.....the girl that has been my hair stylist for the past 9 years.  Let me tell you, she is GREAT!  Her ability to color and highlight hair is incredible.  She always does a fantastic job.   The good thing is, that she knows me very well.  She knows that if I get something on my mind....... I will have a spur in my side until I get it taken care of. 

I knew that if I waited for her, she would immediately tell me that she wasn't cutting my hair.  Shari knew how hard I had worked to let it grow out.  When I showed up for my appointment yesterday, she just simply laughed.  You probably won't believe this, but she cut my hair even more.  She actually did away with my curls!!!!  Yea!!  It is very cute and I really do love it.  Thanks Shari for always understanding me!

From now on, I am going to try to focus on making better self-enhancing decisions.  Sure, my hair will grow back (if I choose to let it) and the decision to cut my hair really was not that big of a deal.   I have learned from this experience that I do need to be more patient (just like I talked about yesterday).  Another thing that I learned is that from now on I will wait for Shari to do her tricks on making my hair look it's best.

OK....I am finished with the Hair Talk!!    The real thought here is not about my hair....It's about making quick, indecisive decisions triggered by our emotions....We need to always utilize our abilites to wait and think things through!


Fickle, Pickle......WhatEver........ the word that needs to sink in.... is  WAIT!    Enjoy your Blessings!!!

1 comment:

Country Dreaming said...

Wait, wait, wait!!!!!
I want to see the new do!!!!!!!


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