Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Light from the Past:

It's a new day isn't it?   A new day meaning that life is so different now from what it was when I was a child.  Our needs seem to be greater than ever before.  Our wish list just keeps growing and growing.  There is little satisfaction found at the end of a day. 

Many thoughts raced through my mind last night as I watched our grandchildren play.  It was as if a light from the past was shining right there where I stood.  I saw scenes of my childhood flashing before me and I loved the feeling of happiness that it brought and delivered straight to my heart.   

The air outside had a whisper of a breeze and as the sun was going down, I could hear the kids playing like we played many years ago.  There were no sounds of motorcycles, electronic toys, boom boxes, cars or sirens to distract them from playing.
All I could hear was the laughter of each grandchild as they passed by.......

Look at Mylee....she wasn't afraid of the dirt.  She loved it!

And then, when we least expected it, the game of leap frog found it's way back and the kids loved every minute of it.   

Rolling and playing in the dirt is a given, especially if you know that a big pool of water will be calling your name...

And who could forget about a good ol' game of family baseball right there on the family field...

After an evening filled with the joys of laughter and play, you know that the only thing that awaits them is a restful night...At the end of the day....I felt as if there was only one more thing left to do or say...

Goodnight, Tyler...Goodnight Tucker....Goodnight Tori....Goodnight Carson....Goodnight Trey.....Goodnight Mylee!
Goodnight all!

Ah....The days of childhood!   Wonderful imaginings and the simple pleasures of playing outdoors.  These are the kind of threads that binds a family together.  Laughing, Playing and Spending qood quality time with one another..... The light of the past is always welcome at our home and in our hearts!


Let the joys of your past find their way back into your heart today!

1 comment:

Country Dreaming said...

I find that of all the seasons summer is the most recalled season in my brain. There were days of biking, playing dolls, Barbies, School--guess who thought she needed to be teacher all the time. Making the boys listen to the girls concerts, playing kickball, tag, red rover etc.
I don't know why this is and it makes me a little sad that kids don't have those experiences today. We have some kids in our neighborhood and they get out and play but not like Ken and I did when we were kids.
Oh, the memories!

Have a great one and I'll get to your email soon!


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Yes....My Grandkids Rock

Yes....My Grandkids Rock