Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I really am what I say I am!

It is true........I really am what I say I am!

Just Yesterday, I discovered something new about myself.

I Am A Junky......

Did not even realize this, but I am a bracelet junky..

This is only about 1/4 of the bracelets that I wear, (No, I don't wear them all at the same time!  This is 1/4 of the bracelets that I wear at different times) not to even mention the one's that I own. The ones that are just sitting in my jewelry box.....I have several that are a little outdated, but I know that if I hang on to them long enough, the style will come back around.  I'll be styling those bracelets again someday...

There is something about my jewelery box that TORI  just loves.  While she was here yesterday afternoon, the two of us did a little organizing in the jewelery department .  I was shocked to see how many bracelets I have.  Why did I not already know this??

I would prefer not to mention this to Sam, so shhhhh..... Let's just keep this between us. 

I know it would put him in a perplexed state of mind if he ever counted how many I have.  I am almost positive that  he never notices them.  I'll bet he would if he could see the $$$$'s that are there wrapped around my wrist....

I have no idea what it is about bracelets that I like, but I do like them all...When I go to a Brighton Store, I go nuts!!
It is very hard to make a decision because they have so many to choose from......My mind starts this mad rush of excitement, trying to decide which bracelet would look good with whatever!!............  I love them!!

It is never hard for my kids to find something to buy me for my birthday, Christmas, or any other occasion.  They know that all they have to do is find a bracelet for me and I will be one a happy happy happy bracelet JUNKY!!

I know what you must be thinking....You must be thinking that I come from some kind of gypsy family....You know, with all the bracelets they wear and all the clinking and clanking they make when they walk around.  

  Have you ever seen a gypsy that doesn't wear a lot of bracelets?
  I haven't either..... I have never seen a real life gypsy!  Don't think that I qualify to be a gypsy woman though, but I guess that it's possible that I could have some of that kind of blood in me.  I do like to hear the bracelets jingle when I wear them.  

GIRLS.....I know that there are still a lot of unusual bracelets out there just waiting for us to come along an buy.  Bracelets that we need to be shopping for....  That ( I ) need to be shopping for..

Let's hit the shops early, and when we are through, we can jingle and jangle our way home.  I'm just saying!


Spend time with a friend...Have some girl time and laugh out loud!


Country Dreaming said...

It's probably a good thing tha we don't live close cause you and I could do some damage shopping together!


Good to be a Queen said...

Confessions of a purse-o-holic here, everything from $25.00 up to I'm shamed to say $1000...What can I say, quality leather makes my eyes happy....

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