Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Monday, July 26, 2010

An Angel to Me

Our Precious granddaughter, Tori!

Is this not the sweetest little face.  She is so full of life and so very independent.  Her energy lights up the world.  It especially lights up this grandmother's heart!  She gives my life an abundance of heart felt joy.

I had the opportunity yesterday to spend some time with Tori.  She and I were on our way to the mall and when I looked over at her, I could see that her eyes were getting very heavy.  I drove a couple more miles down the road and as I looked over again, her little eyes shut.  She was off to dream land. 

Waking her up is not an easy task and I knew that the next ten miles was not going to be enough time for her to get her nap out. The purpose of the trip was to pick up a gift that I would need today, so I had no choice but to gone on to the mall. 

Sure enough.....A difficult task it was!  I woke her up and she whined all through the mall.  She even found a chair and sat down while I was shopping.  The saleslady ask her why she was so tired and her comment was "I have been a busy girl this week"

I didn't find what I wanted at that particular store and I was dreading the walk through the mall.  Miss Grumpy was just going to have to pick up her steps and follow me, she had no choice.
As we enter the mall, she said, "Shug, it's just that a little girl gets hungry sometimes."  Of course, I ask her what she wanted and it wasn't a surprise when she announced that she wanted some dipping dots. 

I told her that I needed to stop at the Hallmark store and then we would go get her dots.  This was just fine with her.  As we approach the store, I could her eyes going in circles.  She spotted a lot of things that were attractive to her little mind.  I looked for what I wanted to buy, and before I knew it, she had every musical card playing.  Not only were the musical cards playing, she has pressed the button on about four of these stuffed animals that sing. 

Oh my, I knew that I needed to get checked out and get out of that store, like right then.  We escaped without the clerks calling security to haul us out.  We made our way to the dipping dots booth.  What size do you think she wanted?  XL size, the biggest they had.  Hey, it was  $4.99, but what the heck.....

As we started back down the mall, with the XL size dots, she told me that the mall people must be crazy.  I said why do you say that Tori?  Her response was...."If they don't want you to go inside the stores with your cokes and food, then they should not sell it there"
I told her that she was probably right, but that was the rules.  Of course, she went right on to say " what did they think we came to the mall for?  Just to buy our food and then walk up and down the mall looking in the windows.  Duh!"

Oh well, we finally make it out to the car and are fixing to be on our way home.  She looks over at me and says, "I've been thinking that we need to have a girls only shopping trip."  I ask her what we needed to shop for and she stated that she needed to accessorize her school clothes.  I didn't even know she knew that word!  

We now have a date for this next week to go "accessorize" her wardrobe!  I guess she is now my glamour girl..... What little girl doesn't need lots of glitter and bows?

You know, there is no greater joy in the world (in my humble) opinion than grandchildren.  They are simply the greatest.  I am looking forward to our outing and I promise, I will take a lot of pictures to share with you later.   



It's not only in Heaven
that Angel's play
Listen closely
To what I have to say
You are my precious granddaughter
Sweet as can be
Your nick name may be tornado
But, you're an Angel to me!!

Love Shug....


Shanda said...

That was a very beautiful granddaughter story. Hope you fill us in on the girls day out next week.

Katharine said...

Lovely Post! What a sweet girl! Blessings on your day!

Country Dreaming said...

Out of the mouths of babes. Kids are so funny to be around--you never know what might pop out next!


Karen said...

You have a beautiful granddaughter. She looks like an angel :)

Empty Nest Full Life said...

She is adorable, and I am expecting my first in September. Can't wait for those special times together. Jackie

Mom on the go said...

Tori is such a funny and special little girl. Love her so much.

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Yes....My Grandkids Rock