Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tickets are Free

Hey, come take a trip with me.
I thought we might take a trip down memory lane for a day or two.  Tickets are free, and there will be a lot of laughter, so hop aboard and lets travel.......

Our first stop is going to be a fabulous place.  See if you can guess where we are going.

You are exactly right.  Hawaii....
Sam and I had the wonderful opportunity to take a trip to Hawaii about eight years ago.  Our kids made arrangements for us to celebrate our 30th anniversary in Kauai.  We loved it, loved it, loved it.

Surely, all of you know by now that Sam and I always have those CRAZY happenings everywhere we go.  To start with, our trip was booked well in advance.  We had no idea, until the week before,  that one of Shanda's very best friends would be on the same trip, and the same hotel as us.  We attended her wedding on Saturday, the day before we were to catch our flight.  When we get to the airport, Starla and Grant are there waiting to catch the same flight and believe me, we laughed quite a bit.    Would you believe their seats were about eight seats up from ours.  (What a way to start their honeymoon)

Next thing is...when we land in Oahu we realize that we forget to check our luggage straight through to Kauai.  Sam and I are totally lost.  What are we to do.   Who comes to our rescue?  Starla and Grant.   Thank goodness!

Finally, we get to our hotel and both of us are exhausted.  When I am totally exhausted, I always get a severe headache, and that day, I had the worse headache of all times ...It had to be the 8 hour trip, plus the time change.

I think I slept for the next 24 hours.  (isn't that great, take a trip to Hawaii and sleep the whole time)  You know that Sam had to love that!!
The next day, Sam and I schedule a helicopter tour so we could enjoy the scenery of the entire island.  Just as the pilot took us over the first set of mountains, I could feel how clammy Sam's body was.  Yes, he was sick, very sick...
He kept his eyes closed for all of the tour, and the moment he stepped off of the helicopter, his stomach emptied.  Wow, I am so glad that I was not the one behind him!  The propeller blades were still going and what do you think happened to all of his throw up?  It went flying everywhere.   We had also scheduled a trip to go out on a  catamaran, but that was quickly cancelled because Sam was still sick.

 By now, Sam was feeling better but we decided it would be good to stay around the pool and just relax for a couple of days....The weather was so nice and the pool was absolutely beautiful.  We knew we would still have plenty of time to do all the other things that we had planned to do.

Ok....we had a couple of bad days, but that was all behind us now, Until.......Sam decided to sneak off and buy me a gift from Hawaii for our anniversary.  Supposedly, he was going to go around the corner and get us a snack (is what I thought), but he had other plans that turned out to be a little further away from what he originally thought.   Would you believe, he was barefoot and his (just around the corner) turned into a mile walk.  Seems that the concrete and the sun was a little too much for those bare feet.  He came back with a blister the size of  a half dollar coin.  It was so bad, that he could barely walk on it.  

The rest of the week, we had a terrific time.  We thoroughly enjoyed the luau and we enjoyed driving around looking at all of the beautiful scenery.  Sam even took a little time to pose with the other dummy statues on the island.  Believe me, there were a lot of them, everywhere!

Then it was time for us to catch our flight home.  I am almost positive that I was awake the entire trip, and since there is such a big time change from Hawaii to home, I was double exhausted...The good thing was that I did not have a headache this time.  BUT...when we got home, Sam ask me to back the car into the garage so he could easily unload the luggage.  The last thing I remember is putting the car into reverse.  I don't know what happened to my foot, but my brain and my foot were not cooperating with one another.  I backed right straight into the back wall of the garage.  Oh, it knocked the wall in, but at least it didn't do any damage to my brand new washer and dryer!

We called the builder and he told Sam that he could come that afternoon.  Sam told him just to fix it, but that we were going to bed.  When we woke up, the wall was repaired and it looked the same as it did before I ran over it!!

I know that it sounds like this was a bad trip and you are probably asking how we could have possibly enjoyed it.  The truth is, we had the BEST time.  The things that happened are things that we are use to, so no big deal...It is a trip that neither of us will ever forget.  WE HAD A BLAST spending time with one another. 

Ok, unpack your bag for now and next week we will take another trip down memory lane.  I can assure you that it will be exciting. 


Relax, everything doesn't have to be perfect.  Enjoy the one you love!!!

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