Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lesson Learned

Ever had something happen that was a very serious thing and then years later be able to laugh about it?......

We went to the ballgame the other night to watch Tyler play a two hour game and then immediately after,  we watched Tucker play his hour and a half game.

It was during Tucker's game, that Tyler came and sat in my lap for a few minutes.  Dirty, sweaty and stinky, but what grandmother is going to turn down their fourteen year old grandson WANTING to sit in their lap?

Can't remember what happened to remind us of this, but it was such a funny memory NOW.  Tyler was maybe three years old and as I have said before, I kept him most of the time while Trista was finishing college. This one particular day, he and I went to our local grocery store to buy a few items.  While we were checking out, he wanted me to buy him a package of gum and I told him NO.....

We finished checking out and made our way out to the car.  The groceries were loaded and I had Tyler all buckled in his car seat.  Just as I start to pull out from the parking lot, he says to me "Sugar, do you want a piece of gum?"  I was like, Tyler where did you get that gum?  He said, "My mom gave it to me."  Well, I knew that it was the same package he had wanted from the store.  I ask him if he got it at the store and he started crying.  Yes, he had taken it from the store!  You know like stealing.   I told him that we were going back to that store and he was going to have to go tell the store manager what he had done.

He cried some more and really didn't want to go back in the store.  We got out and when we got in the store, I ask to see the manager.  The manager came and Tyler told him that he had taken the package of gum and was very sorry.  I really think Tyler was expecting him to say it was alright and then he would let him keep the gum.  Instead, the manager took the package of gum and told him that he was glad that he brought it back, but that he had done something that causes a lot of people to go to jail for doing. Tyler's eyes were so big.  Of course, the manager was having a hard time trying not to laugh.  He shook Tyler's hand and let him know that he appreciated him for being honest. 

Tyler felt very bad and it was as if he really comprehended what had happened.  To this very day, he realizes that I made him do the right thing by taking it back.....He will never, ever forget that experience.  We remind each other from time to time of that day...Something good was done, and a memory will be there forever.   (Sometimes we have memories that are not so pleasant, but those are the ones that build character in us)

We laugh at it now and we joke around about it, but Tyler learned a very important thing that day.....We  should always do the right thing!  We shouldn't take things that are not ours....

 Yes, it did take a little extra time to turn around and go back to the store and it did break my heart to see his little bottom lip tremble, but I know that Tyler  appreciates what I made him do and he will forever be grateful.

Lesson's are learned, only if we teach them...


It's not what you take from others that matters, It's what you take from yourself.
God loves you!

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