Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

English please

Can I admit this out loud, or do I need to just sit back and keep my thoughts to myself?

I thought about this very question yesterday and I decided that if I vented about it (which we all have to do from time to time) I would be doing myself a favor.  I can say what I want to say and then move on.  Or at least I hope I can!

You know me, I love people...I love all kinds of people.  I even love some people that are hard to love!

I love our country (The USA) and I am very proud to be an American.  I love the language spoken here, which is ENGLISH.......

What I don't like is having to feel that I need a translator or some type of device that translates to me when I am placing my order at a fast food restaurant....Does this ever happen to you?

I pull up to place my order, and I can not understand a single word that This Person is saying to me.  I just have to hope that they know enough English to place my order correctly.  I then proceed to the window to pay and pick up my order.  When I get there, I can't understand if they are saying "Here is your order" or "Where is your daughter" or anything else being spoken. 

Yesterday afternoon, Taylor and I pull up to a place that sells chicken sandwiches, but they mostly advertise by using a cow.  (hint, hint).  I place my order and can barely understand what the girl is saying.  I pull around to the window, and she rattles off some kind of weird talk and then looks at me with her hand held out.  I give her the money and she hands me the drinks and food.  As always, I check my order before I leave and this is what I did at that time.  Sure enough, it was short two items.  I tell her that I am short two items and she stands there and stares at me like (DUH).  Her response to me (In some kind of weird language) was "Dat is Y I rpit Rdur."     Oh my goodness, I could feel my temperature rising!

What did I want to say?  I wanted to say, "And that is why you should properly speak affluent ENGLISH if you want to work in AMERICA."  I had to grab hold of my thoughts  and then take some deep, DEEP breaths. 

Am I wrong?  Is this not America, the country that speaks ENGLISH?  Geez, what is wrong with these employers.  These people need to speak English!  I might would expect this if I were eating at a place that primarily serves Mexican food, or Hillbilly food like (varmit BBQ or Chicory.  Sometimes their lanugage is a bit hard to understand as well)  or any other type of cultural foods.    But, this is certainly not what you would expect when you are ordering from a CHICKEN PLACE.....

I guess I have now vented some of my frustration ...  I do love people and I have a lot of good friends that speak other languages, but there is not a  single one of them that would be disrespectful to a customer if it was their inability to correctly speak ENGLISH that was causing the confusion. 

The next time I pull up to order something from a fast food restaruant, I guess I should say, "SORRY, I CAN'T UNDERSTAND YOU, PLEASE REPEAT YOURSELF."  I feel sure that if I have them repeat what they are saying until I fully understand, the management of these places would start to take notice.  A back up in a drive thru lane would not be a good thing! 

Oh well, as they always say.....LIFE GOES ON!


Varmit BBQ sounds pretty good doesn't it?  Hope you have a Blessed day and don't forget that we live in the GOOD OL" USA where we speak ENGLISH!

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