Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Anniversary Sam!

Happy Anniversary to my Wonderful Husband!

I get so tickled when I look back at our pictures...
Hey, this was 1972, and technology was not near as good as it is now!  (Like you couldn't tell)

Check out the tux on all the guys!!  They look great! What?  You don't see them?....I didn't either.  And, how about that RED shirt?
Is that not funny?  I guess things like that were not important, way back then...These pictures speak for themselves.  Life was a lot different in the 70's.  But, those were some very good days.     

Sam was 19 and I was 18 when we got married.
Wow, that is young!  But hey, we started going STEADY when we were only 14......Never broke up, not once!!

I told you earlier about how I keep everything.  I dug all my letters out yesterday and in doing so, I found these funnies....Sam is probably going to love me more when he finds out that I posted them on my blog....

How cute!  How Sweet!  We were only 14 when he sent these to me!!

Tyler is fourteen now, and he seems so much more mature than what we were at that age.  Probably not though.  He just is not in Love  yet!!  Thank goodness he's not. I am still laughing at these cute little notes, but back then, they meant everything to me.........

I was not able to post one of them, but it went something like this:
Dear Anita:
I missed you so very much today.  I wish you only knew how much I love you and miss you when you're away from me.  I hope you're proud of me cause I didn't flirt abit today.  How many ribbons did you win?  I hope you had fun.  Did you see any of those boys I told you about.  I hope not.  Well gotta go.  Love always and forever, Sam -n- Anita

Do you like the song "Never My Love", I dedicate it to you!  You are pretty and you are mine!

We have been married for 38 years and, if you count the years we were together before we got married, that would make 42 years that we have been together.  (I  feel like I am only 49 years young, so hey, I am doing pretty good here.)  

God has been good to us and we truly have a lot to celebrate.  I am thankful to have someone that loves me so very much....For the past four nights, when I pull the cover back to get in bed, he has placed a beautiful card on my pillow.  That is sweet and that is love!   This is also what you call "spoiling me"

He is my closest friend, and my TRUE LOVE.  He is always there for me in all the ways that matter the most...  For this, I am Blessed!


We started with dreams and blind faith, and over the years our love grew.  We also learned by making mistakes, but never without saying " I love you." 

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Country Dreaming said...

Congratulations to 38 years toghether in marriage! Keep up the good work.
The 70's were a good time and yes times do change.

Enjoy your day!


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