Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A beautiful thing called Summer

WOW.....Summer is here!  Summer brings so much excitement and it promotes a lot of happiness for all of us.

Our moods seem to be lighter when we wake up refreshed and start to enjoy the crazy, lazy, days that summer brings.

There is something about summer that opens up our hearts to enjoy life.  It is a busy season that is filled with so many happenings.  Birthday's, Anniversary's, Road trips, Ballgames, swimming and all the fun things that brings laughter to our days.

Nothing is better than wearing flip flops on a beautiful sun kissed day.  Kicking back with your feet propped up and enjoying the warmth of the summer sun as it beams down to give your body a beautiful brown glow.  Iced tea or a glass of fresh lemonade allows us to relax and soak up all of the relaxation that our hearts desire. 

You see kids dashing out to play in the dirt and then they reappear with dirty hands and dirty faces begging for a cold Popsicle to bring a sense of refreshment to their little hearts.  No school, no homework, only the thrill of what the day will bring.

No worries of buying a bag of potpourri and wondering if the fragrance will last.  We can enjoy our own gardens of freshness.  Beautiful flowers that release the perfect smell and the sweetness that we long for. 

The farmer's market has to rank high on every one's list.  Fresh fruit and vegetables.  The smell of blackberries, peaches, strawberries and the sweet taste of watermelon, what can beat that?  Oh, and I can't forget about fresh peas, and some good ol' pear relish with a pan of hot cornbread.  How about fresh tomatoes and jalapenos for making hot sauce!  I'll bet your mouth is watering this very moment. 

I love "The fourth of July" with all the fireworks and the thrill in our hearts of knowing we are celebrating our country's independence.  We should all be thankful and we should all take the time to reflect on the true meaning of independence. 

Yes, summer is a busy time, full of family reunions, BBQ's, picnics, concerts, weddings, vacations, ice cream and snow cones.  But, it is also a good time to reach out to our family and friends and share our love with one another.  It's a great time to share God's love with those that do not know him. 


Let the summer sun's rays make you shine!


Country Dreaming said...

I think you've got it wrapped up into one whole package. Summer always brings back great memories from my childhood.

Have a super day!


Trish said...

Very well said!

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