Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Words we Speak

Words We Speak.....Have you ever stopped to listen to some of the words you speak each day?  It is amazing the number of times that certain words are used and we don't even realize it. 

I had never stopped to think about this, until about a year ago.  This is when Taylor (my neice) came to live with us.  At that time she had perhaps what we would consider a small temper.  If something was upsetting to her, she would express herself by always saying the word MAD.  Such as "They make me so MAD" or "I am so MAD."  I guess you could say that this word was used very freely by her.  Is this a bad word?  No, it really isn't, but so many times it is used in a negative sense.

Sam and I wanted to help her realize just how many times the word MAD was used in her vocabulary.  We talked with her about it and the three of us decided to come up with a plan.  We finally decided to get a big jar and everytime the word MAD was used, we would put a nickle in the jar.  This was meant for Sam and I as well.  No problem, we thought!  As a matter of fact, I was convinced that I would never have to put a nickle in the jar. 

Within a few days, we were very surprised to learn how many times we all say it.  The first nickle was put in the jar by Taylor.  After that it was mostly Sam and myself filling that jar UP!  In a months time, Taylor may have put a total of.50 cents in the jar.  Sam and I were breaking the bank so to speak, to cover ourselves for saying the word MAD.

How interesting it was that we were trying to correct her from using this word and to realize that it was just as much a part of our language as hers.  To this day, we rarely hear her say the word MAD.  We ended up (after the jar was full) giving it to her, because she deserved it.  It had maybe, a total of $10.00 dollars in it, but do you realize how many times that word was used to add up to $10.00 dollars?  Approximately 200 hundred times. 

The next time someone says a word that is perhaps a little irritating to you, stop and check your own language.  See if it is a word that you speak and don't even realize it. 

We learned a good lesson....Think before you speak, especially if you are guilty of judging others. 


May you wake each day with God's Blessings and give him Praise!

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Trish said...

I agree... I think our words are a self-fulfilling prophecy. You can change your whole outlook and feelings. I was actually going to blog about something similar. It's more about attitude than words, but very similar thought.

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