Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Which way.....

Good Morning....

First of all let me say how thankful I am that I have people watching my back......Yesterday, I posted about my busy calendar and would you believe that I forgot to include a very important little boys baseball game last night.  But.....Cody, my nephew came to my rescue.  He reads my blog daily and after reading yesterday's post, he sent me a little message to remind of Carson's 7:45 game last night.....Thank you Cody Joe!!  I would have been in some trouble.....

Well, today I am going to need your help.  Just stay with me here and I will explain.

I have the Best Husband in the world....He is more than wonderful.  He truly is my very best friend.

There is only one problem.....I have been asking him for many, many years to do this one little thing for me...But, so far he has refused.  His comment is always the same.

I only wish that he would realize how important it is to me and how good it would make me feel.
He always strives to please me in every way possible and I do appreciate that. 

I am almost positive that there have been a number of times that he has wanted to play a more active roll in this decision, but just can't get the nerve to do it.  I think it is because he fears my response afterwards.  Kinda like it wasn't what I was expecting or that I would be disappointed.

His decision could make a big difference as the whether or not I have to use all that gel stuff.  And, that is one thing I really don't like.  As for me, I really don't care if it is short.  I like it that way as well.  I think I like it long a lot better though.  Of course, it is pretty thick and that has to be taken into consideration as well.  Seems the older I get the more curls I get.  That certainly is a problem when you consider the short side.

I'm not asking for much.....But if he is not willing to participate, then I need your help.  You will help me want you?  I'm not asking you to do much...Just sit back and take a look at the pictures below.  Tell me which way you think is best.  I just can't make up my mind on my own.......

Long...........or Short......

All I want him to do is to tell me if he thinks I look best in long hair or short hair.   His answer is always the same....."I like it however you like it"

So see, this is not a hard task......She simply let tell me if you think someone my age (49) needs to wear long hair or short hair......

Ok, Ok.....that last picture isn't me....It is Shanda, but that is the style I would be looking at.

I certainly hope that you are all so very Blessed today!


ogt22076 said...

I personally think it would look better shoulder length, but of course that is my personal opinion. Enjoy your blog, keep up the good work.

Trish said...

shoulder length or above. I love my cut and I've had it this short now for two years. I love a good husband like that. And the beauty of it is, he really doesn't care- he will love it no matter what.

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