Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Talk the talk

Took a look at the calendar for the week and it looks like I am going to be quite busy........

Monday morning started out as a busy day....Had to have Tucker at the orthodontist by 8:15. 
Took him back to school, dropped him off and came back home.  Grabbed the cleaning and out
the door we went  (Mylee and Me).  Went to the post office, bank, cleaners, city hall and the grocery store.  Still made it home by 10:45.  I didn't just pick up a few things at the grocery store either.
I bought $160.00 dollars worth of groceries and it all fit into 5 grocery bags.....Sad isn't it!

With Mylee's help, I put the groceries up, fed and bathed the dog, fixed lunch for Sam and did laundry.  Mylee took a nap and I worked in the office for a couple of hours.  Waited for Sam to
get home so he could go with me to Hobby Lobby to pick up some items that Taylor needed for class today..  (You know how teenagers are....they wait until the last minute to let you know they need something.  Especially if it pertains to school)  Sam and I grabbed something to eat at one of our favorite places (McAllister's) and got back just in time to go to Tori's first ballgame for the season.   Whew.......I was tired!  Had a little time to catch my breath because the game was cancelled due to weather.

 The rest of the week is just as busy.....Just finished feeding everyone and they are out the door on their way to school.  Today I am taking Taylor to the orthodontist.  Dropping her off at school on the way back and then coming home to pay bills for my dad.  Have several errands to run and then I think we get to stay home to watch "The biggest Loser" tonight.  Oh, oh, oh, I almost forgot!  I have to run over to Tucker's foot doctor to pick up some heel inserts for him.  

I have to be at the doctor by 8:15 Wednesday morning for injections in my wrist.  I'm hoping this will help my wrist and I can cancel my carpal tunnel surgery set for the end of the month. Don't like my hands going to sleep during the middle of the night, but I'm not a fan of having the surgery done either.   Have to have some diagnostic testing done at 1:00  and that could last a couple of hours. (This getting a little older thing is not nice)  Then I am home for the day.

Have several things going on Thursday.  Later that evening Trey plays ball at 6:00, Tucker plays ball at 6:00 and Tori has a ballgame at 7:00.  Friday is almost the same.  Two ballgames and Tori has ask me to come to her field day!  Ballgames this weekend and Mother's day Sunday..

This is a busy week, especially when you add in your normal daily chores.  I really need to finish the yard, but that might just have to wait until the next week.  I  am almost positive that just a few days ago, I wrote about being TOO busy.  I guess I wrote that in my sleep, because it didn't seem to sink in.  Isn't it something how we can talk the talk, but we don't walk the walk.  I really do have to slow down, but what is it that I'm going to take out of my day?  Don't want to miss the kids games, don't want to quit running my errands,  I have to go to the doctor and the grocery store........SO, I am thinking that I will give up cooking!  Kitchen is closed....but wait,  if the kitchen is closed then I don't need to go to the grocery store.  That is two things I can mark off of my calendar.  Wow!

I think I am beginning to see just how I can cut a lot of things from my busy schedule.   #1.  Hire a yard man.... #2.  Close the kitchen and eat out.  #3. Send the dog to the groomer.  #4.  Send more of the laundry to the cleaners  #5.  Get me a maid. 

Yep.......problem is solved!    I can now spend my time at the ballpark and chasing grandkids!

I Love it!!

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