Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Insane Pain


Oh my goodness.............
I would have never believed that the injections in my hands would hurt so bad.  Let me back up here and explain.....I am having some problems with carpal tunnel in both of my hands.  The right hand hurts just a little more.  I have a  scheduled surgery date for my right hand on May 24th, but I had this great idea that if I could get some injections in my wrist, I might not have to have the surgery.....

Well, I go yesterday to get those injections and now I am thinking that if the injections hurt that bad, the surgery would have to be much more painful......AS OF TODAY...SURGERY IS OUT OF THE QUESTION!

Dr. Chris was getting ready to give me the shots and he made two very important things clear to me.....
One was that the shots would have some lidocaine in them to help with the pain, and the other thing was that my hands and forearms would hurt a lot that afternoon.

I was thinking like, this can't be all that bad.  He starts giving me the injection and the pain was real bad.  Within a few minutes, I could not even feel my fingers.  I think all of the lidocaine went directly to my fingers.  By the time I left the office, my hands were killing me... Oh, but not my fingers!  Just so happened that Sam had an appointment to see Dr. Chris about an hour and a half after me.  I waited for him and he gave me some aleve that he had in his truck.. This helped some, but trying to drive with no feeling in your fingers is really weird.  But speaking of weird....every time I would go into a store, I would have to wait for someone to enter in front of me so I could go in.  Same thing when I was leaving.
Seems that my wrist would not bend enough to let me open the doors.  Not sure anybody noticed and I certainly hope they didn't.  I felt like a little puppy that was trying to sneak inside....

I went ahead and ran a few errands while I was waiting for my next appointment.  The dreaded appointment.  Had a mammogram done a few weeks ago and they called me back for more test...Seems they saw something that didn't look good.  I had a lot of peace about it though.  Figured I would be beside myself until I had the next set of test, but I wasn't.  Praise the Lord!!
Did a diagnostic screening and YEP....that buger did hurt.....Then they sent me to do a
sonogram...Not bad at all.  Just so happens, that a friend that goes to church with me did the sonogram.
The radiologist came in and talked to me and it seems that I have a benign cyst.  We are going to wait and see if it goes away on it's on....Hopefully it will....

Dr. Chris was exactly right....My wrist and forearms have been killing me.  Had to use an ice pack all through the night.   I can truthfully tell you that the other test did not make me feel great either.  I think I am bruised everywhere. 
Today has to be a better day..

That was my yesterday...Trust you had a better one.....

Hope you all are Blessed with Good Health!!

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