Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Trickling behaviors

Have you ever experienced a trickling affect of negativism? 

You know.....a negative, pessimistic attitude that starts with one person and slowly navigates it's way down from one person to another.  I do believe that we have people living in this country that wake up
each morning thinking they are disadvantaged and they lack any kind of positive attributes in their own lives. 

They live for the wrong in life.  They want to spread the belief of the worst happening in any given incidence.  Most of the time their conversations turn into griping or constant complaining.  They never want to try anything new because deep down they have a fear of failure.  To them the glass that we see as half FULL is always half EMPTY. 

The trickling affect begins when an important person in our life, whether it is a family member, a spouse, roll model, employer or even a friend constantly shares negative thoughts with you.  I'm not sure if it is jealousy that comes into play here or if it could be a control factor that might cause the negative person to feel that they must always display habitual skepticism.  Most of the time they are already thinking of the bad to come out of a situation when you make good positve suggestions that could result in Blessings for everyone.  They don't want to hear what you have to say....Good or bad.
They are already convinced that it won't work.

Without even realizing it, this negative behavior can then filter down to those that we come in contact with.  If it is an employer, you will unknowingly bring it home to your spouse and your family.  Then it starts to effect those in the family who might otherwise have a very bubbly personality.  If they let the negativism take over in them, they then pass it down the line to the next person.  This can happen when we are in a bad mood, have somewhat of a bad temper or allow ourselves to make those around us feel that they are in a very uncomfortable situation.

It makes me feel uncomfortable to be around people like this.  Their conversation becomes boring and I find myself wanting to punch them in the face to see if it would wake them up from the horror of their life.  To constantly batter the esteem of those that work hard and are doing their best to fulfill their obligation is like handing them a report stamped FAILURE. 

If a pessimistic person attemps to push their negative personality traits towards you, then you owe it to yourself, your family and those around you to stop them right there and inform them that you are not going to allow their bitterness and their doom of failure to become a part of you.  You have to step up to the plate and allow yourself to continue seeing positive results in everything.  Show them you have Faith, you have Hope and you have what it takesto prove them wrong............

(Not sure where this all came from, but it sounds good to me)    HAVE A BEAUTIFUL BLESSED DAY!!

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Lloyd said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog and such great pictures of the family. God bless, Lloyd

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