Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Monday, May 3, 2010

No room for Jealousy

What a beautiful Monday morning it is!  The air outside is cool and so refreshing....Can't wait for this afternoon.  It is suppose to be in the upper 80's.  Summer is right around the corner.....

Well good morning to everyone.  Hope your weekend was a wonderful as mine was.  We had celebration Sunday at church and it was so nice to see old friends that we haven't seen in a while.
The message, the food, and the fellowship was so very nice!

Today's Topic......Are children today being taught the true values of  friendship?  Are they being taught how to be a Faithful friend to others?

There is so much going on in families today...Everyone is SO busy.  I'm not sure there is room left for parents to teach their children any of the priorities that it takes to be a special friend to others.

I understand that in life competition is a good thing.  But sometimes winning and being the best can overtake our feelings and we allow jealousy to rule. 

The bible teaches us characteristics of being a good friend.  We are to love at all times.  We are to pray for others (our friends).  We are NOT to slander or tear down our friends.  We are to show kindness and compassion to our friends.  We are to put others before ourselves.  We are to build one another up.  We are to speak Blessings on one another.  We are NOT suppose to have jealousy in our hearts.

 It is so easy to want for ourselves a talent that God has blessed others with.  It is important to remember that God has given each of us a talent and we need to seek the talent that is ours.
None of us are ever going to be perfect and that means that no matter how hard we try, there are going to be friends or acquaintances that excel in areas that we want so badly for ourselves.

Throughout life we all need friends.  We need friends to share events with and we need friends to lift us up when things are not going quite so well.  Friends are great to laugh with and to build memories with.  If we didn't have them, loneliness would overwhelm us.  I believe by taking the time to instill good solid qualities in your children, we teach them the wonderful characteristics it takes to be a good friend.  As parents, these qualities need to be exercised in us because children like to follow in our paths. 

Jealousy is a terrible personality trait to find pleasure in.  Take the time to teach your children to focus on the good of people.  Help them to learn to appreciate the joy of seeing a friend succeed.
If they can learn to put their feelings aside and learn to want the best for others, then they will be SUCCESSFUL in the goals they have set for themselves....


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