Friday, April 30, 2010

Raisen - Craz-en

I am totally beside myself!  How could they do this to me? What you ask?  Who you ask?

My wonderful family and friends!!They are all there!  Laughing at me!  Not one single one of them, willing to tell me... 
Not one single one of them willing to pull me to the side and say, "Look you have to do something about this."      How can I ever show my face there again? 

Thursday afternoon, I was so excited about going to watch two of our grandsons play ball......
I had even bought me a brand new Longhorns shirt so that I would be all decked out and ready to
support the team...(Still working on a mudcats t-shirt).  Sam and I headed out the door and drove over to the ballpark..(our second home).  The sun was shining bright and the weather was just perfect for a good ole' evening of ball.

Had my little blue bag that I always take to the games...You know, full of sunflower seeds, band aids, antibiotic ointment, gum, wipes for cleaning faces,my phone and anything else that would fit into the bag.  I take this bag because I like to be prepared in case the kids need something and also because I don't want to carry my purse.  When we left the house, I remember grabbing my purse, taking my sunshades out and putting them on my face. I put my purse back down and out the door we went.  When we got to the game,  Sam carried my lawn chair for me, so I was all set to relax, sit back and watch my darling little grandsons...

We had two different games going on at the same time, but the good thing was that they were just across from each other and we could go back and forth watching them both play.  This also means that I was able to visit with twice as many people as what I would have done if I were watching only one game.  Oh yes, I strutted myself all around that ballpark area.  Talked to some friends that I haven't seen in a long time and was just having myself a lot of fun. 

Did they win?  Oh wait a minute.....Only one grandson won their game, but the other one played an excellent game too..   We get home and I look in the mirror and to my surprise I see this awful thing..........Yes, there it was on the right corner of my sunshades a big plump raisin!!!!!!  I'm sure some of you ask, "How did I get a raisin on your shades?"    This is how.  I had  the shades in my purse and I evidently did not put them in their case.
I always carry raisins in my purse for Mylee.  The box must have opened and a raisin made it's way into the earpiece fold on my shades.  No,...  I didn't see it when I put them on! 
That raisin was icky and it was icky stuck on my shades.  I'm not kidding...Not one bit.  No, not one bit!  Not only that, but that raisin was so plump that it almost looked like a prune.

How could I have worn that thing around all evening and not one person tell me about it?
I can only imagine what they were thinking....Kinda like "this woman is nuts"..or like "I guess she has that raisin on her shades just in case she gets hungry."  Or, they could have been like "Poor thing"

Well, I only had one person admit that they saw it and that was my daughter Shanda....She said that just about the time she saw it, Mylee had to go potty and she forgot to tell me when she got back.
For the rest of them, they said they never saw a thing. I'm Like sure you didn't.   You can't prove it by me after seeing their faces in all the pictures I took. 

I think that I am scarred for life!....I may never wear sunshades again. I may never go near a raisin again. If Mylee wants raisins, she will have to put them in her own bag.  Oh,... the things that grandmothers have to go through to keep their grandchildren happy.  One thing about it, they won't ever forget this grandmother that gave them all a Great Big Laugh!

Have yourself a Blessed day and be sure to fill it with laughter!!

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