Sunday, May 23, 2010

Super-Charged World.....

Are our kids living in a Super-Charged World?

This is a question that many would argue.....Are their childhoods complex?  This is another question that could be argued.

Aside from the 7 to 8 hours a day that these kids spend at school, they are shuffled from place to place, practice to practice, game to game.  Most of them are involved in multiple sports and many are involved in a lot of church activities.  This becomes a hectic lifestyle, not only for the kids, but for their parents as well.

Their parents are caught up in what is called the "The Hyper-Parenting Trap."  Without even realizing it, parents put themselves under a tremendous amount of pressure because they do not want to deny their children anything.  In some cases it is about satisfying their own egos. In other cases it is based on keeping up with the Jones'.  I believe that parents have good intentions, but are afraid that their child will be left out or perhaps will not be considered successful if they are not involved in every possible thing. 

Sure,... most athletes or musicians start out at very young ages and many excel in what it is that they choose to accomplish.  However, I don't believe that they are jumping from sport to sport and from music to gymnastics to achieve their goal.  I am sure that if a child is in love with music, they will continue that road until they someday reach the goal they are seeking.  If a child has dreams of playing professional baseball, then their time and energy should be focused in that direction.  It is OK to play other sports as well, but not to the point of exhausting one's self so much that they have no time to perfect the sport that they love. 

Kids no longer have free time.  They don't know what it is to be creative or to have an imagination.  They have no time to Day Dream and if they ever catch a second to do so, they are are usually snapped out of it. 

We push them so hard and all they know to do is to follow what they are told and what they are expected to do.  Sometimes this can can cause them to feel grouchy, irritable and tired and it seems no one understands why they feel this way.  These kids don't even understand why they feel this way.  They experience headaches and a lot of fatigue.

Kids need to have a perfect balance in their lives.  They need structure in their lives.  They need family time, they need time for themselves to explore other venues in life.  Time to play with rock collections or to play with all the things that they get for Christmas, (things that are usually put up and forgotten about.)

  Most of all,  they need parents that will stand up for them and and make the decisions to protect them from being over-scheduled.   They need their parents to create time for them to enjoy their home, enjoy having free time, and enjoy being a child.  No Stress, No Competition, just time to play with one another and to build special memories that will forever live in their hearts. 


Take time to show your children just how important they are to you!   Many, many, Blessings!

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