Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Monday, May 24, 2010

Baby Grand

Desire ...means to wish or long for something.  What is my desire?

I would love to be able to play the piano.  I see it as something that could be pleasurable.  I have never taken one single lesson and I don't really know that much about music, but I think that I could learn. 

I wonder how many people a little past the age of 49, take piano lessons?  I'm sure there are not many.  How funny would it be for a teacher to teach an adult to play "Mary had a little lamb?"
I can just picture myself sitting at that big, beautiful, Baby Grand piano.  Placing my hands on the keys and softly playing the sweetest song you have ever heard.  (Jesus love Me)

Don't get me wrong...I do have SOME experience playing an upright piano. The church I attended had one.  If we got to church early, I would go down with some of the other kids and we would play our hearts out......This is the song I would play....Just see if you recognize it!

         Dun a....du, du
              Dun a ... du, du
                 Dun..da, da
                 Dun..da, da

             Dun, du,du, du
                        du, du,

             Da..da,da dun
                     da, da

Wasn't that sweet?    It sounded sweet to me and
I was very proud....   I didn't figure you would recoginze it....

Is is too late for me to learn??

Seriously, I do love music and I love hearing every single note being played.

The lady that plays the piano at our church is a good friend, and I might add that she is so super talented.  She has that natural ability to play and write songs.  I could literaly sit for hours and listen to her play.  You do a Beautiful job Kathy!

I suppose the reason that I have never taken lessons is because I am not interested in all the knowledge that it takes to be a good pianist.  I don't have the patience for it.  I just want  to sit down and let my fingers play some beautiful songs....

I have always said that GOD is saving that talent for me when I get to heaven.  I feel sure I will be playing a beautiful white Baby Grand and singing with the heavenly choir........I just know that is what HE has planned for me. 

It's really not too late for me to learn, but for now, I think I will sit back, and enjoy listening to those beautiful white ivory keys as someone else plays. 
I'm just going to relax and enjoy the MUSIC......


Music is the key to happiness in our hearts.  Listen and let your heart be filled with joy....

1 comment:

Trish said...

I think you SHOULD take lessons. You are never too old. And I love your beach picture. Looks like Florida?? And I love the picture of you and Joyce. She looks just like her daughters at that age. :)

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