Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Learning made fun!

Anxiety, Stress, it what you want, but my eyes have been opened this past year as to how much (ASP) our young kids experience today.....

Taylor has been living with us for a year now.  Sam and I have seen first hand just how difficult it is to be a student these days.  When we were in school, LEARNING was fun.  School was FUN and we didn't dread getting up each morning.  I know that our classes were pretty basic.  Math, Science, English, know, the normal subjects.  We didn't have all these classes with long titles like they have today.  One thing for sure, it wasn't required for us to learn Spanish....After all, here in America our language is ENGLISH!

When it was time to test our knowledge, there was one simple test.
the "Achievement Test."  The title speaks for itself, it was showing the administrators what we had achieved.

Stress was not a constant thing in our lives.  As a matter of fact, there was very little stress.  Our teachers were able to enjoy the profession that they had chosen and they themselves did not have to live under stress from their jobs. 

 This is an example of just how relaxed school was.  One year we were studying about something that pertained to Indians.  It was suggested in class, by several of the students that we take a trip to visit the "Alabama Coushatta Indian Reservation."  Our teacher told us that if the principle would approve it, then we could take the trip.  Right there in class, that day, a group went to the office and talked with the principle.  That week, we had an answer and it was YES....Seems like the next day, we were all loaded on a bus headed for Livingston...

We didn't have to start school in the middle of Aug.  That was still summer!  And, we certainly did not start the first week of school having to dig into this thing called TAKS.  We didn't have to go the next 180 days being taught how to pass a test.  If so, I would have called that stressful and BORING! 

My heart goes out to the students of today...Even those that are just beginning their long journey of exploring TAKS.  Pressure, Pressure, Pressure....that is what it is.  Just think, if our students today could go to school and enjoy learning and not have to live under all this pressure, it could make things a lot more simple. Life would be a whole lot easier for a lot of families. 

Taylor is a Junior in High School, and just yesterday we found out that she passed all three of her TAKS test.  What a relief for her and what a relief for us.  It was even a huge relief for our little ones.  Carson was commended, Tucker was commended, Tyler was commended and the other two did well on their little bench marks.

I know that things have changed in this great big world, but sometimes changes can hurt.  We have doctors, lawyers, accountants and the list goes on, of successful people that went to school during our time.  I understand that the knowledge of technology is so important now, so why can't we just let school be school.  Let the kids enjoy learning and let them gain all the wisdom they need for the goals they have set for themselves.  If you love art, then your learning should be geared to that. If you love science, then your learning should be geared to that subject. 

I know that I don't stand alone in what I feel about the education of our kids today.  Our teachers do an outstanding job and I am very proud of them.  I just feel that our kids today are under way to much pressure.  This pressure does not come from the teachers, it comes from those that we elect to run this country.  Our little ones should be exploring the creative aspects of learning and they should be able to enjoy being at school!

If it were up to me, each day would begin with Prayer and the Pledge Allegiance.  If more emphasis were put in these areas, I know we would be able to see a change in this world.  After all, isn't that what school is all about.  Learning so we can make a difference in our lives and in this world!

After those two very important things were accomplished each day, we would have all the kids stand and everyone together would do the macarena.  Loosen these kids up and let them have fun at learning. 

I feel sure that the atmosphere at school would be different.  Students would enjoy one another and they would have something to look forward to the next day.......

I am glad that I live in America and I am glad that I am able to express my opinion. 


Have yourself a great weekend!

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