Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pink I think

So it is Prom time......TODAY!..  Will post pictures tomorrow!

Taylor and I left yesterday morning EARLY!  Lots of little errands to do.  Nail appointment was at 10:00.  I decided to go ahead and treat myself to a warm relaxing pedicure while she was getting her nails done.  G...Whiz, I love me some pedicures.    I thought I would step out a little more than what I usually do and select a color that I like to look at.  HERE IT IS!  It really is a beautiful color.  The only thing is, I don't wear a lot of orange.

I know, I know, TEXAS is orange, but they are also MAROON as in TEXAS A&M.  Shanda graduated from A&M, so I have to bleed some maroon too...

Back to Subject:   While I was having my toes polished this bright big color of orange, I didn't even realize that I had black shorts and a bright pink shirt on.  Oh yeah, they clashed...
But,  ......back to the pedicure.  I know that if I could ever talk Sam in to getting one, he would be hooked.  It would be an every week thing for him.    Might be a little difficult for the ladies giving the pedicures.  Hard to rub lotion into hairy legs!

I can not understand a single word that those ladies are chatting about, but what ever it is, they are having a good time.  Laugh, Laugh, Laugh.  Hope it's not me they are laughing at.  Oh, well.
If it is they sure have something good to laugh at. 

I am a flip flop gal.....LOVE THEM!  Just check out my new polished toes in my flip flops.

So many flip flops to choose from these days.   I can dress my feet up up or I can dress them down.  Nothing more comfortable than a good ol' pair of flip flops on a warm sunny day. 
Bling, more Bling or no Bling, it just doesn't matter for this country girl.........

I love the orange, but next time.....Pink I think!!!!

Can't wait to post pictures of Taylor all dressed up for the Prom....

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