Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, May 14, 2010

Funny Boy....

One of the funniest kids I know is none other than
Trey Alan Booth......

He is our number four grandson and he is the one with a unique little personality.  Funny, Funny kid........

He laughs at everything and when he laughs, he starts this giggling thing that causes him to get even more tickled.  I get tickled and he gets tickled more!

Trey's birthday is today, but I don't have to wonder what it is he wants....No, not at all.  He starts the very next day after his birthday, giving me ideas for what he wants the next birthday.  Cars, trucks, just anything that has wheels.  His favorite is really tractors.  Big Green tractors!  You know like the song....."Take you for a ride on my big green tractor."  TODAY, he is out of school (It's a bad weather day at school) and what he wants to do is go to TSC. Tractor Supply Company.  Funny isn't it?

His pops has a big green tractor and Trey has always loved it.....

He is 7 years old now.  My, how time passes so fast.  I did ask him the other day, I said "Trey, what do you want for your birthday?"  His comment was, "Sugar, you should know by now."  Well yes Trey, I guess I should know by now!  After all you have only given me 364 different suggestions......

Trey's dad, mom, and brother are so meticulous about everything they do, but not Trey Trey.  He has fun....It doesn't bother him one bit for his room to have toys scattered everywhere.  It wouldn't bother him in the least if his bed was never made.  There is always at least one shoe untied.  That just makes it easier to get them on and off.  Everyday when they come by in the mornings, we tell him, "Trey, make sure you keep your shoes tied, don't forget to tuck your shirt in and always remember to zip your pants before you leave the restroom."  Any given day, his shoes are untied, his shirt is hanging out and his pants are always unzipped. We actually made up a little song for him to sing so he would remember to do all these things.  It has the same tune as "Pants on the ground."   Hasn't helped yet. 

When he drinks his juice or Gatorade, you can count on their being some left over, running down the chin.  We will ask him if he can feel it on his chin and he just says yes....feels good.....Funny, Funny, little boy.  He is this fun loving, dirt digging, play outside boy that we all LOVE...

He is rotten and who makes him this way?  Me, of course.
And, I wouldn't have it any other way......Love you Trey, Trey!

Happy Birthday!

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Yes....My Grandkids Rock