Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Thursday, May 13, 2010

B - Charmer

I can feel it....right now as I am writing this post, I can feel that my friend Tawanda is packing her things, coming for a visit at this house.

You know Tawanda....Fried Green Tomatoes Tawanda!

In this movie, both Tawanda and the Bee Charmer equate with being self-sufficient and having worth.  The Bee charmer is like a metaphor for facing your fears and coming out better from the experience. 

Kathy Bates plays Evelyn Couch and Mary Stuart Masterson plays as Idgie Threadgoode.
Evelyn is a housewife that is struggling with her happiness (of course, this is not my case..I am perfectly happy)  She befriends a lady (Idgie Threadgoode) who is in the nursing home.  Their relationship builds into a beautiful friendship as Idgie tells stories of people she knew in the past...Including the Bee charmer. 

Tawanda appears throughout the story as (Evelyn)  finds strength in facing the fears of her life...

"I'm too old to be young, and too young to be old"  Fried Green Tomatoes
And yes, Tawanda is coming to this house!
This is the expression that I use when I am telling myself that something has got to be done.  Something that I put off doing, because I don't feel that I am not capable.  Sometimes she comes for a visit when there is a desperate need lurking in my midst.  I have even called upon her just because I need to hear those little words, "YOU CAN DO IT"

I wake up every day loving life, not realizing that lying somewhere in the back of my mind,  I face those insurmountable task that appear as a Merry-go-round.  They leave for awhile but always come back around and around again.  They are only important to me and that is why I must be the one that faces the task, the fear, the thing that needs to be accomplished in order for me be that acheiver I need to be. 

When Tawanda comes on the scene, things usually get done!  You try it.....just try shouting "Tawanda"...........Feels good doesn't it?

This summer is going to be full of Bees around this house, but not to fear, because "The Bee Charmer and Tawanda" will be on board with me.  It will be easy to accomplish the things that I have been needing to accomplish.  In the past I have always managed to push them to the side.  I always felt that I lacked the knowledge necessary to complete the task or, I had fear of failure living in me.

I can feel the sledge hammer now.  Knocking down walls and getting things done.  It's time to stop the Merry-go-round of fear.. I'm going to face those fears and I will be better for having accomplished something that I thought I couldn't do.  I can't wait....projects are going to be completed and changes made.  It's gonna be GREAT!    "Tawanda"

Today....determine in your mind to attack those Giants in your life.  Face them, and be free of fear.  Feel the experience of "Tawanda" and feel the difference it makes in you!

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