Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Freezer woes

Oh, Yea!!!!!

I am up early this morning doing exactly what I wanted to do on this beautiful Sat. morning of Memorial Day Weekend...

The "Kitchen Closed" sign has been up since yesterday afternoon.  Some people in this family must not be able to read or else they thought that I was just taking a potty break.

I am frying steak.....deer steak to be exact.

May I add, this lady does not like deer steak at all.  We don't even eat fried foods. So, why am I up early frying it?  Well, it seems that a simple box of hot pockets was the culprit for keeping the freezer door open all night.  Don't you just love it when that happens.

To top that off, all the kids are gone for the weekend and it is just Sam and I at home.  Sure sounds like Sam has a lot of steak eating to do! 

I am thankful that there were only about six packages of steak and one package of fish that was thawed enough that it had to be cooked.  I guess that I can choose to have a bad attitude about it, or I can be happy that the cooking is done for the weekend.  

Hey, I could put up a stand in front of the house with a sign that says "Deer Steak on A Bun:  Chips and Drink included  $5:00"  Do you think I would have any customers? 

It really is frustrating when things like this happen, but, it's done and we just have to move on.  One good way to look it is that at least there was something in the freezer.  Could be worse, the freezer could have been empty with no food to cook at all. 

Ok, all is well and I plan on enjoying the rest of my weekend with my wonderful husband Sam!!


Have a safe and happy memorial weekend....Don't forget to remember our fallen soldiers and those we love...

1 comment:

Trish said...

I need one of those signs!

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