Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Don't Major on Minor things.

Don't Major on Minor things.....This is something I am way too good at...

It is not my intentions to get all worked up over some little minor thing that happens, but I do.

I sometimes think that there are two sides of me....One that likes perfectionism and the other that almost likes perfectionism.  I guess it depends upon the circumstances.  Take for example, my yard.  This is an important issue for me. 
I want a clean, mowed yard with no signs of old leaves, sticks, dry spots and NO grass in the flower beds.  It is almost as if it could be done and I would want you to turn around and do it again just to make sure nothing was missed.  I strongly MAJOR over this... Oh, so simple minor task. 

If we get to church and I look down and Sam's socks do not match......Oh my goodness, this is a MAJOR thing in my mind, but so minor to him. 

This past Sat. I did a little shopping for Sam...I purchased 3 pair of shorts and 2 shirts.  With our new way of eating (fruit and vegetables) Sam had dropped a few pounds, so I thought I had better get a smaller size from what I usually buy.  I get home and decided we had better find out if they were going to fit......NO, not one pair of shorts or either of the shirts fit.  ALL TOO BIG.   (Major thing to me)  I was so frustrated.  The focus for me shifted to when can I take them back and get the right size.  It is a good thing that we were going back to town that night.  I was able to take them back and I did find just the perfect size.  If I had not been able to take them back, that would have been a distraction for me for the rest of the weekend. 

Sounds crazy doesn't it?  I am not the kind that likes to leave things unfinished.
I want to take care of business right then.  The shorts being the wrong size was such a minor thing.  I have friends that might not have taken them back for two weeks.  Evidently they don't Major on the Minor things of life. 

I'm going to try to work on this small issue.  See if I can't allow some room (in the minor portion of my brain) for those everyday things that don't work out perfect.  I am going to tell myself that is is ok...Everything will be ok...Check out my t-shirt. I wonder if I had some made, if others would need to wear one too?  Maybe this will be a reminder for me to slow down and take life like it is a piece of cake.


Enjoy your day......

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