Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Beads of Joy

JUST YESTERDAY MORNING,.... Tucker, Trista and I headed out for Dallas, Texas.  We had to take Tucker for his monthly check up.  For my readers that do not know, Tucker has had leukemia and he finished treatments about 6 months ago. 

I love Children's Hospital.....The doctor's and all of the staff have been wonderful these past (almost) four years.  Tucker still has two years left before he is considered CURED!

The hospital is great and so kid orientated.  But, after all it is a children's hospital.  They do not cut corners when it comes to taking care of sick children.  What ever the need, there is always someone willing to do what they can to make the child and their parents comfortable. 

Is this not just beautiful?
They just finished adding a new wing onto the hospital and it is so super nice....
The News for Tucker was great....Instead of going once a  month for his checkups, he will get to skip a month in between visits!!!!!!  It has gone from every day when he was first diagnosed to 6 times a year! 

His doctor said he looks great and that he no longer has to take the antibiotic that he has been taking for almost four years!  I say Whew Hoo to that kind of news.

I took a picture of Tucker and Araseli.  She is the best!
Araseli has taken care of him ever since he first started going to the clinic.  She checks his vitals and all of his measurements.  To Tucker she has always been very important.  When he had to have his port accessed, she was always the one that made sure he had the deadening cream on in order for him not to feel the needle. (Great job Araseli.)

At this visit she gave him his BEADS...These beads are very important and they have a lot of meaning.

Each bead represents something that he has experienced in his long battle to get well....

He has six of the HUNDRED beads.  This means that he has been stuck with needles over 600 hundred times.
He has beads that represent the surgeries he has had.  Beads for radiation, Hair Loss, Spinal taps, Challenges such as the PEG shots, Chemo, Blood transfusions, Blood draws, and one for finishing his treatments

Tucker was so proud to get his yesterday.  This helps these children in knowing that they have overcome some very difficult CHALLENGES in their fight to BEAT a life threatening disease.  How awesome is this.   It is a great accomplishment and I know that this necklace will be something that Tucker treasures for the rest of his life.

We are so thankful for this hospital and very thankful for all the medical staff that has given their love and their wisdom in helping to make Tucker well.....And of Course, WE GIVE GOD ALL THE PRAISE AND GLORY FOR HIS HEALING POWER!!!!!


Be grateful for even the small things in life and always  
be grateful for God's Healing Power !

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