Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sing with Me

How GREAT is our GOD...sing with me, How GREAT is our GOD.  This is A BEAUTIFUL SONG THAT I LOVE TO SING.

 GOD is GREAT!  Because of HIS amazing GRACE and HIS love for us, the first thing we should do every morning is to invite him into our hearts.  HE longs to fellowship with us.  I love to wake up and say "GOOD MORNING GOD."  What a wonderful way to start the day.  It conditions me to live for GOD.  GOD is always welcome in my heart.  HE is always welcome in our home.

You know, the only requirement for spending time with HIM is a willing heart.  We all waste many hours in our day doing things that really have no meaning.  We need to be well connected with HIS plans and HIS purposes for our lives.  By spending quality time with HIM, we are able to become more Christ like and to allow our character to blossom because of what He teaches us.

One of the most comforting things about having a relationship with the Lord is the assurance that He will never leave us.  We can boldly claim GOD'S promises of daily Blessings. 

How valuable is your time with GOD?  Think about this question and ask yourself what you want today.  Do you want to find your joy in material things or do you want your day to be filled with  joy from Praising GOD and spending time with HIM. 


Sing with me.....How Great is our GOD.

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