Thursday, April 18, 2024

Grand Mother's Flower Garden

 I am a fan of anything OLD, especially when I know that something came from a sweet relative.  

How much sweeter can it get when you are able to have flowers growing in your own flowerbed, that once grew in your Great-Grandmother's flower beds?

These Irises were dug up out of Sam's grandmother's garden.  I have some of them, and then I passed some on over to my daughter's, Trista and Shanda.

The above photo was taken at Trista's home just last week.  Her Iris are all yellow, while mine and Shanda's are a light lavender color.  There is just something so very special about seeing them bloom. 

An heirloom garden is so special, especially when you think about the roots of the flowers you now have, came from plants which were planted 50 or so years ago.  

I have posted on this topic before, when I wrote about the hen and chicken plant that I have of my mom's.  I got her plant when she passed away 20 years ago, and it is still absolutely gorgeous and healthy.  
I know she had it for MANY years before it was given to me.  
I shared starters of this same plant with my girls as well.  

 Old things deserve to be held on to, for as long as they still have life.  I love that the circle of life in these plants are still bringing smiles and happiness to our family.  

Hey.....just wanted to say that I appreciate each of you and I thank you for dropping by to visit my blog whenever you can.  



  1. I totally agree with you! In a way, you are keeping your ancestors alive. I love your pretty yellow gingham background!

  2. That is a lovely Iris! Fun to keep and share old plants! I have some of the neighbors peonies:)


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