Saturday, August 7, 2021

 I LOVE POPPIES....and these that I found in Colorado did not disappoint at all.   They were so delicate and beautiful.   

The Aspen trees were/are quite stunning as well.


Isn't it so exciting how nature reveals to us the wonderful creation and power of God?

His goodness feeds my soul!

Hugs to all.


  1. I love poppies too. and these are gorgeous! How can one look at flowers like this and not think of God the creator?

  2. I love the poppies and that bright color.God provides us with so much beauty.

  3. I like poppies too. Thank you for sharing your photos and thoughts.. I agree!!

  4. Hi Shug!

    I love the contrast of those beautiful poppies and the aspen pretty! God is so good to us!!

    Hugs and Love,


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