Monday, January 25, 2021

I've been looking at old pictures, and I came across these from a few years ago, when Sam and I went on a cruise with our friends.  

We all had an Alaskan cruise planned for this past July.....but of course, COVID decided we would need to cancel that cruise!!

Our friend group usually goes on some kind of trip every year!  Some trips have been to Branson Mo. (a few times) ...We've been to South Louisiana, and we have been to Florida, Jamaica, Cancun, Cozumel and to Ply Del Carmen.

We loved this .....swimming with the stingrays!!

This was in Ply Del Carmen.....What an awesome trip this was.  We swam with the dolphins!  Funny thing about that was.....just the day before, Sam had one of those pedicures where the fish eat on your feet.  (sounds awful I know)

But....while he was swimming with the Dolphins, they kept biting at his feet.  We later found out that it was because they can smell very well and they were picking up the scents of the fish from Sam's pedicure!!  😁

On a cruise!!   Always have to snap a few pictures of the ladies....

LOL.....may have been a little Windy that day!!

Sam and our wonderful friend....Susie!  They both wore that calls for a picture!!


Waiting on our cruise to take off!!

One of our many Branson trips!!  Who knew that it was going to be freezing cold??   We had to go to Walmart and buy jackets and gloves and scarfs!  We visited Shows, ate some great food, visited Dogwood Canyon, ate some more great food and laughed a WHOLE LOT!!

Sam and I are Blessed to have all of these Lifelong friends and we are all Blessed to have the opportunity to travel as a group.  I'm ready to go again!!

hugs y'all



Wednesday, January 20, 2021

 I LOVED this picture that my California kids posted this past week.  

At first I thought Keelan had a big rope that he had tied to the seaweed, and was pulling it down the beach.  Love this grandson!

Then....I remembered seeing all the big masses of seaweed when Sam and I were there this past Summer.  It is huge and so thick.  What you are seeing here is a big mass of bundled up Seaweed.  It's hard to believe the size of the long, giant pieces of this stuff.  

It is definitely keeping Keelan entertained!!!!

Our baby girl (Emersyn) is growing so fast!

Can't wait to go back to California this Summer....Need to give these two kiddos some big ol' SHUG hugs!



I saw this sign on instagram the other day....I told Sam that he needs to get some of these signs made to hang on the gates at the farm.  This is exactly how I feel sometimes when we are driving down some of the roads.  Well....not the dentures!!  

Y'all have a Blessed Day!


Saturday, January 16, 2021

 Just posted a new header picture of Sam and I with our Great friends.   I needed a sunshine in my life and this picture popped up on my timeline earlier in the week.  

This is one of those pictures that qualifies for a JUST BECAUSE picture!  


Monday, January 11, 2021


It even snowed enough to be able to build a Snowman!!

Snow began falling around noon on Sunday and the white fluffy stuff fell all afternoon long.  

Lucy and Jake....the dogs, loved the snow as much as the kids.  

No Hat....No Toboggan....No Gloves!!!!  The reason?  Because in TEXAS...we just never need these things!

Wait.....Trista has on a toboggan!!  But Not Tori..

Even though Sam and I were not able to get out in the snow.....we loved seeing the snow falling and the beauty that surrounded the area...


Friday, January 1, 2021

Happy New Year, Everyone! 🎉🎉🎉

 I'm pretty sure that I can speak for the rest of you when I say that "2021"  is happily welcomed!

2020' left both Sam and I (each) with a big case of Covid...and we have now entered 2021 with the same cases of this horrible virus!

We both laughed today, I've told some others, for lunch, we had what LOOKED like black-eyed peas, cabbage, cornbread and ham.....BUT by the taste, it might as well been a big pile of ice!  No taste, no smell.

Enough of that......I'm just going to share some of my favorite pictures of 2020.  NO particular order!  I want to make sure I have them posted here for when I print my blog book!!


Mylee Jo....our new baby Emersyn and Keelan!!


Sister...aka as Shanda Kay, with Miss Emma!  

The sweetest love right here!

              Our BABY Grandson ....Trey and his girlfriend 

Savanah!  These two are the big hunters in the family!  They love duck hunting!!  🦆

Tyler and Keelan feeding the squirrel at a park in California!  Not sure these things are called squirrels out there....maybe ground squirrels...

Mylee JO....this girl loves the pool.  She is the sweetest and she loves her family!!

This boy....Keelan has our hearts.


Big Kindergarten this year!!

No. 2 Grandson!!!  Tucker and his fiancee....Emily! We have a wedding coming here in 2021!

We all have to laugh at this thang!

Mylee's NEW dog that was suppose to be a dachshund...   What??  NO dachshund in LUCY!   She is more like a Catahoula leopard dog..🤣🤣

Our Crew....headed out to see the Christmas lights in Athens...

Because she had been to the orthodontist and needed something cold on her teeth.  Hmmmm.  I may need to visit the Orthodontist!!  

I like "Brown Derby's" too.  

How many of you have ever called a dipped cone a BROWN DERBY???

Christmas with the Booths... ↑ They keep me laughing all the time....


Super Proud Moment in the above picture.  Tyler made Staff Sergeant and this photo was taken at the ceremony...

And the Proposal......back in July.  We have a destination wedding coming up in Jamaica!  I can't wait!!  Tucker and Emily.  

In case none of you noticed....we have three (3) Emalee, Emily, & Emily in the family.

Always smiling...isn't it great to be young and in LOVE?    


Tons of family fun on this trip to Branson in October.....Missing a few, but we had a GREAT time...

Another great photo of our two granddaughters...

Another picture of the BEST
BEAR in our School District..


I love, love, love this a thousand Moons and back!

Tori Lynn.....Our senior that graduated in May.   She didn't get to enjoy a Senior Prom, or any of the other things that seniors look so forward to for 12 plus years.......But she made memories that she will cherish forever...

Gosh....I am no way near through with my favorite pictures...but I suppose I better stop here.  I may have to add a part 2 to this post..


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