Wednesday, January 20, 2021

 I LOVED this picture that my California kids posted this past week.  

At first I thought Keelan had a big rope that he had tied to the seaweed, and was pulling it down the beach.  Love this grandson!

Then....I remembered seeing all the big masses of seaweed when Sam and I were there this past Summer.  It is huge and so thick.  What you are seeing here is a big mass of bundled up Seaweed.  It's hard to believe the size of the long, giant pieces of this stuff.  

It is definitely keeping Keelan entertained!!!!

Our baby girl (Emersyn) is growing so fast!

Can't wait to go back to California this Summer....Need to give these two kiddos some big ol' SHUG hugs!



I saw this sign on instagram the other day....I told Sam that he needs to get some of these signs made to hang on the gates at the farm.  This is exactly how I feel sometimes when we are driving down some of the roads.  Well....not the dentures!!  

Y'all have a Blessed Day!



  1. Wow! Now that's a big bundle of seaweed, great pic of your grandson! Keelan is not only a cutie, she has a cute name too! I'd love to be on that beach now and away from all this snow. Great sign, it gave me a chuckle! Take care

  2. Emersyn is a doll! This seaweed looks exactly like rope!!

  3. What a bundle of seaweed! lol Looks like something my son would have done at that age.

  4. I've never seen such seaweed! Those are two adorable grandchildren. That beach is beautiful.

  5. The seaweed is something I have never seen. WOW! What happens with it?
    I like the sign .. it made me laugh!

  6. Hi Shug~

    Cute, cute little grands! That seaweed is crazy...I remember seeing big bundles of it on our trips to the Oregon's massive!

    Lots of giggles over the sign!! I need one of those on some our regular roads here!

    Hugs and Love,


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