Thursday, January 16, 2020

Spuds, Tater's, Masher's........  Just a few names for the good ol' 


How important are potatoes in your family?   I mostly try to fix 
sweet potatoes around here.   Sam and I both love them and supposedly, they are more healthy.   However....I do love fries as well as mashed potatoes.   I call them mashed potatoes, but a lot of people call them creamed potatoes.  

This afternoon, I was in the kitchen.....peeling potatoes for the Potato Soup that we are having for dinner.  I must admit, peeling
potatoes is not one of those jobs that I love to do.  

As I was peeling the potatoes, my mind wandered back in time to when I was young and helped my mom in the kitchen.   We ALWAYS had some kind of potatoes on the dinner menu.  Peeling the potatoes was a job that my sister and I shared.   

Joyce, my sister, never seemed to get in trouble when it was her day to peel those dreaded white root vegetables. for me, I got in trouble, quite often.   Actually, my mom was simply trying to teach me to peel a potato the correct way, without wasting most of them.   

There was always more potato on the peelings than what there was on the actual potato that we were cooking!!!!    LOL....

Kinda like this!!!!

Of course.....back in the early 60' was a huge stretch on the grocery money, trying to feed a family of 6.   

I can still hear my mother telling me not to cut all the good potato away.   I'm pretty sure that my ultimate goal when helping her in the kitchen, was to HURRY so I could get back outside to play.   
Yep....even at 12 years old and 13 and on up....I loved to play outside!

I'm not sure that I have ever peeled potatoes correctly, but I sure do have a lot of good memories thinking about how many times I got in trouble for not trying to do so.   



Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Can You Believe that it really is 2020?

I must admit...... I have found myself quoting Barbara Walters a lot...  

you know........"I'm Barbara Walters, and this is 2020!!!!!!!

Hopefully this will pass real soon..... LOL! 😂

I always find it very refreshing at the start of a NEW YEAR.   A new Beginning!    Just the very thought of a new start, and a new road for a new journey is very exciting....   

The roads that I traveled this past year were pretty great, so how could I even think of looking at any changes?    I guess just having a Fresh start,  to perhaps take the things I've learned and pass them on others, is what New Beginnings are about.   Sharing with others..

God has greatly showered us with Blessings, and I just long to share so much with family and friends.    

I have already started a NEW Prayer is wonderful to look back and see the many answered prayers and Blessings that God has blanketed us with!

I'm looking forward to the things that will be happening in this New Year of 2020.

A new journey for our Air Force Family......Moving from the East Coast to the West Coast.    A NEW Baby GIRL coming in May!!!!!!
A family vacation with all of the FAMILY......Our Granddaughter graduates this year.....We are going on an alaskan Cruise.....
A trip to California.....Two grandchildren will be going off to College....Birthdays....Anniversaries....and Great things happening spiritually.....

2020.......   I am excited about you!!!


Blessings to each of you!!!

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