Saturday, April 13, 2019

I am a calendar person.   How about the rest of you?  Do you heavily rely on your calendar each day to keep you lined out?  I'm pretty sure that most of us look at some kind of calendar, whether it is on our cell phone, our desk, hanging on the wall, or on our desk computer.  

I like details and I prefer to have things lined out, not only days ahead, but for weeks and sometimes months or a year in advance.  This is just how I roll.  Procrastination is not in my vocabulary.

Truthfully, if I don't have plans lined out or things are hanging in limbo.......I find it difficult to function.   Don't get me wrong, I can do Spur of the moment kind of things, but only if it doesn't interfere with my calendar.  

Spur of the moment get-aways can be fun, or a spur of the moment date with your spouse can result in special memories...  As I recall, there was a time a few years ago that Sam decided that he and I needed to go do something spontaneous.   He was at a convention down in the San Marco area and I had gone with him.  When he finished a full day of dealing with customers, he came back to the hotel room and said....."get your swimsuit on....We are going to go ride the river!"  Riding the river isn't getting into a boat and having a nice relaxing ride.   NO, it's getting into an inter tube and tubing down the river!!    

I'm here to tell you that we Lived after that little adventure, but it didn't take us but about 10 minutes on this 2 1/2 hour river tubing trip to realize.....this may have been a little too much adventure.  


You know what?  God is in every tomorrow!!  HE is in every today. 
AND although it makes me feel good to have a calendar to keep me moving, to keep me in line, I can rest assured that God is with me every minute of my day.  

Have a Blessed Weekend


  1. Hi Shug!!

    I know what you mean about a calendar, there are just some things that need to be put on a calendar, and not on a phone or computer. I like to write things down, I remember them better that way.

    I love spontaneity! Bob and I had planned on going to Arizona for a week or so for our anniversary before Cole became so ill, and of course our plans changed to take care of him. But today, Bob came home from golfing and said that he had plans for this week, very spontaneous for him, he's a planner. It won't be for a week, because of Easter, but it will be fun!!

    Riding the river sounds like a hoot!! Nothing better than making memories!!

    Loved your sweet comments on my blog. I'm feeling better, but those amazing furry friends are definitely hard to lose. Kind words like yours make it easier...thank you.

    Hugs and Love,

  2. I guess this is an area we are very different. I plan only those things that I absolutely have to. I like spur of the moment stuff and tend to thrive on that.

  3. I am the same way you are with the calendar. We have a big one hanging in the kitchen in a wooden frame. Also a white board for the current week. I like to think that I am flexible, but maybe I am not. I think the older we are, the more comforting that routine seems. Love your header!


  4. I still use a paper calendar (hanging up inside the bread cupboard door) to keep me in line. I like to see what's coming up.

    "God is in every tomorrow!!"

    Amen to that, Shug!

  5. I have a "main" calendar in our kitchen hallway it is the house
    master calendar, I have spiral planner for my stuff and I use
    my phone for out and about then transfer to the "main" one.

    Could not live without them.

    M : )


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