Sunday, December 30, 2018

Oh what a lazy day it is.....    It was cold when we left for church this morning and it seems even cooler now.   This has been one of those days of being inside.  

After church, I fixed a big pot of Potato soup and a skillet of hot corn bread.   We ate lunch and have been sitting in front of TV all afternoon long.   I've worked a puzzle, and watched "Alaska, Last of the Wild Frontier" with Sam.    

What a VERY lazy DAY!

Truthfully, the thought of my electric blanket, along with NEW and cleaned sheets, is so very enticing.    Is it 9:30 yet?    I would love to be feeling the warmth of the electric blanket.....right now!

Hope you all are enjoying a wonderful Sunday Afternoon......



  1. Sounds like your day and mine were similar. Watched some YouTube, puzzled some. Enjoy that electric blanket, I know I will enjoy mine when I get to bed.

  2. I really look forward to my electric blanket too! Especially on cold and rainy days. I even have a heated throw, so I can have the same feeling in the day! Your meal sounds so good and warming.

  3. We hung out at home but we watched football.
    Potato soup and cornbread yum!!

    Happy New Year!

    M : )


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