Sunday, December 30, 2018

Oh what a lazy day it is.....    It was cold when we left for church this morning and it seems even cooler now.   This has been one of those days of being inside.  

After church, I fixed a big pot of Potato soup and a skillet of hot corn bread.   We ate lunch and have been sitting in front of TV all afternoon long.   I've worked a puzzle, and watched "Alaska, Last of the Wild Frontier" with Sam.    

What a VERY lazy DAY!

Truthfully, the thought of my electric blanket, along with NEW and cleaned sheets, is so very enticing.    Is it 9:30 yet?    I would love to be feeling the warmth of the electric blanket.....right now!

Hope you all are enjoying a wonderful Sunday Afternoon......


Sunday, December 23, 2018

It has been a while since the picture in my header was taken.....Our family has grown since then.   I do love looking back at old photos and reminiscing about day's gone by.    

Merry Christmas to each of you!!!  May God's spirit lift you and may you all be Blessed...


Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Only a few more days until Christmas.    Hope everyone has their home all decorated and Christmas shopping done.  One thing that I love about Christmas, is having everything done and being able to enjoy the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

I added this little Christmas tree to my rock garden this year.   It is so nice to sit outside by the fire and enjoy the lights of the tree.  

Our Airman (Tyler ) was home last week and we celebrated an evening of Christmas with him.   He was able to open his gifts and of course.....we had a big meal.   

Fun times with family....

A little Christmas Bingo........We have had this homemade Bingo game for about 18 years and we still play it every Christmas.

Shirts..... Just alike!!!

Christmas picture with the Pigs!!!

The scavenger hunt required having their picture made with everyone touching the Holly Tree.....

"Grumps" and "Tweetie"......watching Keelan open gifts!!

More Christmas to come.....Celebrating on Christmas Eve and  Christmas Day.....   

Keep the Birth of our Savior in your heart....


Sunday, December 2, 2018

Oh my.......we have been Blessed with a beautiful Sunday!!  

My watch clocked 11,693 steps taken today!  My knees are definitely feeling every single step.  Sam and I made a trip over to the "Canton Trade Days" this morning.  Seems that October, November and December are really big months for the vendors and you really can find just about anything you might be looking for.

This month, the grounds and the Arbors were so filled with Christmas Decor.  I actually found some beautiful, tiny, twinkle lights that I wanted..........BUT.......I wasn't going to pay $56.00 dollars for one strand of lights!!!

We bought a string of dried Potpourri made of oranges and other fruits.  It smells WONDERFUL!!  Our Big purchase was two footlong corndogs.   Each corndog was $6.00 for the grand total of $12.00.   Did someone say Ridiculous????  
I'm pretty sure that the vendor made an easy $10.00 from our purchase of 2 dogs.
Sam and I are back home now and both of us have our feet propped up.   My watch even shows that we climbed 3 flights of stairs.  I would say we put in a pretty good day of working out!!


Fall is my Favorite

  Seriously.....Who doesn't LOVE Fall? To Some, the season is called FALL.  To others, it is referred to as Autumn! 🍁 How true this say...