Thursday, December 28, 2017

Just a grandmother....

I know that many of you are grandmothers and some may even be great-grandmothers.  If so....I know you understand when I say that Grandmothers need to be huge prayer warriors for our grandchildren.

We have 6 grandchildren, and not a single one of them is like the other.   Do you know what this means?  It means that they all live different lives and they all have different needs as they journey through life.

Some days.....I may need to spend some extra time praying for the needs of a particular grandchild.   Some days.....I many need to spend EXTRA, EXTRA time praying for certain needs.   

I was thinking about all of this today and I seriously thought...."This is not really a blog topic!"   But....I re-thought this, and I realized that it is a very important topic for me to blog about!

Do you know that it is important to pray for even the smallest of things that our grandchildren might need?
Nothing is too small or too big for our Mighty God.

For years......I've been praying for each of them to find the spouse that God has selected for them.   Along with this....I pray for their wisdom and for them to seek God when looking for the right person.

Along with is just as important for us to Thank God and to give HIM praise for the things HE does for us.   It's important for us to Praise Him for 
who HE is!

One of my grands needed God's favor, I prayed.   God's favor was indeed, right smack dab in the middle of this need.   I just want to Thank Him and Praise Him right now for answered prayers.

I would encourage everyone to Pray, Pray and Pray for your children and grandchildren.  This world that we live in is so different from how things were when I was growing up.....These young people need our prayers!

~ Shug ~

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

I suppose that I'm finally getting my wish for some Cold weather.....   It really is pretty chilly outside today!   You won't find me complaining about it though.  I love cold weather!

It's not cold enough for Snow.....but it is cold enough for me to wear socks instead of my flip flops!

I do hope that all my good friends out there, are staying warm....and HEALTHY~
I have several friends who are battling the Flu, and there are so many people around here that are fighting the upper respiratory crud.  Me for one!

I can feel some congestion in my bronchial tubes, and I have a slight cough.....Just hoping that some hefty doses of vitamin C and some hot tea will help me get rid of it before it turns in to an infection.  

borrowed photo...

Hot tea is really suppose to be good for this sort of thing. 

How many of you have already taken down you Christmas decorations?   I am raising my hand on this one!  Everything is down....and packed away!

I do have a good reason for taking it down so early this year.   We are having my Kitchen pantry re-done,
which meant that I had to get the thing completely emptied.   The guys will be here early Friday morning to do their magic on my pantry!   EXCITED???
I am more than excited.    I am actually having a full wall of shelves put in, just for can goods and such.   

I will be able to see each can or jar, without having to stack them double or triple.   Yay for this!!

I certainly did not want to have to deal with putting up Christmas decorations and having the pantry scattered the same time!

I'll post pictures as soon as it is completed...

In the mean time.....I hope you all enjoy a wonderful New Year Celebration.....


Friday, December 22, 2017

What will be written in your journal this Christmas Season?  Such a big question.....

As I sit here this evening, in our warm and comfortable home, I can't help but look around me and wonder......Do I really know how truly Blessed we are?

This is a wonderful time of the year.......and I am truly thankful for my awesome family and for friends....They are all the BEST!

I'm thankful for health and financial security.......

I'm extremely thankful for my Salvation, and that I have a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior,  Jesus Christ!!!

I'm thankful for our freedom.....a freedom given to us by the sacrifices of others.

But.....let me get back to the question of "What will be written in your journal this Christmas Season?"

As for me...It will be about a few things that I've experienced these past few days.    One thing being, the loneliness of a friend who is very ill.  This has weighed very heavily upon my mind these past few days.  What can I do to minimize her loneliness?  I can Pray....and I can visit.
People all around us are lonely and hurting...

Another thing is the pain that I saw in the eyes of a lady that checked me out the other day.   Mylee and I were out and about on Thursday, and we made a stop at one of our local stores.  The lady checking me out had huge tears rolling down her cheeks.  My heart was broken for her.  I ask if she was ok and she told me she was hurting and that things had been difficult.   I wanted to pray for her right there, but she walked away and went into an area that we could not go in.  So...Mylee and I sat in our car outside the store and we prayed for this sweet lady.   
All around us.....people are hurting.

I don't post many things on Twitter, but I do read a lot of the post that are on there.   There was this one post that I read and re-read, several times.
Here are the words...... " If you get to wake up on Christmas morning and see both of your parents smiling faces when you are opening gifts, you are lucky.  I'd give anything to have that back."
Wow......People all around us need our prayers!

My journal will be filled with prayer needs and with reminders of how I want to be aware of people around me who are hurting....Perhaps a simple smile or a gift of love can help them in some small way....

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas......God Bless!


Monday, December 11, 2017

Oh my Goodness.....I had myself a great time this past weekend.    There was no shopping involved, no parties, no Christmas lights and No worries!

Can you guess what my Friday evening and Saturday evening was all about?

It was just simply enjoying the outdoors with my husband!

We spent about 3 hours at the Farm Friday afternoon, and about 4 and a half hours the next day.....riding the gator all over the farm.   

Friday evening was a Cold one......oh my goodness, it was cold after the sun went down.   My fingers were so cold, even with gloves on.

That evening, we saw several piggies.....but it was way too dark to shoot one!

On Saturday.....Sam and I bought some new, warmer hand gloves and they really worked.

We were waiting on pigs to come to the feeders.....(these things are nothing but pest and they can ruin your farm land if you don't get them killed out)......I guess I need to add that the feeders are for the deer, but pigs seem to ROOT the deer away.

I looked up and I saw a deer standing way down by the woods.....and suddenly, a buck made it's way out into the open field.  

One good shot....and the deer was down.   
Great meat for the freezer!!!

Great Fun....out there in the midst of nothing.

I really need to do this more often.   It felt so good to get away from the hustle and bustle of this time of the year.
I completely enjoyed every single bump that I encounter on the gator....and every single tree limb that I had to dodge to keep from getting wacked in the face.

One thing that really caught my eye, were the gorgeous Red
Birds that seemed to be everywhere.  I love Red Birds!
They were beautiful...

Taking in all the nature around me....spending time with the love of my life and enjoying the cool brisk air....was a true Blessing for me.

Hugs Y'all....


Sunday, December 3, 2017

My actions have not been very good as a role model for those around me.  Especially, when it comes to decorating for Christmas.   Truthfully, I've been moving more like a snail crawling in the snow.  

Good grief....this is totally not like me!  My focus has been on this weather of ours....the temps have just been way to warm to decorate for Christmas!  I'm in great need of some COLD weather!

This past Friday, I finally made a move to get "amped up" for doing some decorating.   In other words...I got some fire in my pants, and got it done!  (Fire in my pants, as in energy and excitement)

I really prefer a fresh Christmas tree....instead of the artificial trees that you buy in stores.  I know that some of those fake
trees can look NO WAY can they compare to a real live tree!  hey, I have lots of memories of fresh cut trees and Christmas.

Last year, I purchased some new ornaments that I was looking so forward to using again this year....BUT....I packed them away and could not find them this year.   I finally found them this past Friday, but it was too tree was already decorated!! :(

Where did I find them????  Packed neatly in a container under my bed!

A few decorations here and there.....

I was very surprised when I found this "P"...... Seems like the P's always seem to go first....   I grabbed this one up real FAST.

The mantel!   I fell in love with this Buffalo Plaid Ribbon!  I really didn't know that this was the name for it, until Shanda dropped by the other day and said she loved the Buffalo ribbon.  I had no clue what she was talking about, but sure buff.....this is what it is called.

More of the mantel.... 

And More..........

This is my Old door that I decorate for each new season!!
Love this old door.....

I'm feeling Blessed and Life is good...


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