Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Wow....I can't believe it.

I took my header photo while we were on our Canada trip.....gosh, it is so pretty up there.   

I added two words to this photo..... "simplify life"

Basically, because this is what I've been thinking about today.  

view out my window right now...  I HEART this!

to simplify life, it requires us to let go of some of our obsessions!
I'm speaking to myself here...

I will confess, that I am obsessed with making sure that EVERYONE around me is comfortable and happy!

I'm obsessed with making sure our home is comfy, cozy and decorated in a way that makes my heart happy.

I'm obsessed with daily routines.  I'm obsessed with being on time!!!

I'm obsessed with wanting everything to be perfect!!!

that's a funny one isn't it?  We all know that things are not perfect.  

However, I have reached a point in my life where the need for all these things seems to be on the back burner for me.

Is this an age thing?  Where we finally grow up and start to take life day by day.....stride by stride.  

Perhaps it is Contentment!!

Being content where I am in life.....being content with my being. it realizing that I can't make things perfect.
I can't choose the happiness of others....I can not secure that in anyone but myself.

I can remember a time....not too long ago, when I could...sometimes would, go to town every single day.   I would spend hours shopping, looking, running errands...etc. etc.

Just yesterday....I was in the big city, and I had several things that I wanted to do.   Not that I had to do them....I just wanted to.
I found myself saying...."that is really not important, I think I'll just go home!"  

I literally talked myself out of going to Walmart, Target, to get a pedicure and eating lunch in town.  Wow..I can't believe it!!

My life really is simple....I just think I'm ready to simplify it a little more....

Happy Day to all of you!  


Ginny Hartzler said...

Gorgeous Canadian header! Also your sidebar is awesome! Seeing your rainy day through the window, flower power sunglasses, the Texas flag, and bluebonnets on the roadside, WOW, so much beauty!! I feel the same way as you!! Wanting to simplify, and being more content with the way things ARE. Just not trying QUITE as much. I used to be just like you, only more so! I really think it has something to do with ageing. When we are younger, that is when we want to change the world, and make things better. Then as we get older, we are more content with the way things are.

Michelle said...

I am all about being a homebody. We still have our daughter in softball, but any other time, I love being at home. Daily routines, housework, and cooking are all I want to do. Quite a change for me. When I was younger I liked to be on the go, much more.

Ruth Hiebert said...

I can relate to being intern everyday and now,I tend to mostly go when I need to get groceries or such. I am more content to be at home.Can't be the aging thing, can it?????

Betsy Adams said...

SIMPLIFY is a word I need to use more often.... Sometimes I feel as if I'm so busy that I don't have time to do the things I 'need' and 'want' to do....My biggest problem these days is not being able to sleep at nights.... I toss and turn and just don't get quality sleep.

WELL---we came to the beach this week --and guess what? I'm sleeping GREAT...... Guess that stress is at HOME..... Need to work on that!!!!!


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