Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Garage Sales...Yard Sales....etc.

Garage Sales......Yard Sales.....Community Sale......Purge Sale....
Barn Sale....Junk Sale......Moving Sale.

There are many names for a sale where one gets rid of the stuff they no longer want.   There have been times when I have had my own sale, and I profited very well.  However....there have been times when I wondered why I didn't just take the stuff to goodwill and be done with it.    

I love to go to Antique Sales, or sales where I can find all kinds of Old Junk.   I love old buckets, furniture, kitchen gadgets and just about anything that was made or built before my birth year.  

 I will for clothes at a Garage Sale is really not my cup of tea!!  On the other girls (Trista and Shanda) are Garage Sale Queens.   Each year, there are a couple of very nice sales in our area and the girls end up with some great name brand clothing.   Brand new wardrobes!!

Just this past week....I went to a sale with them and I really couldn't believe all the bargains they got.   Each of them purchased several items of clothing that looked brand NEW!!  :)        The biggest bargain of all was the purses they bought.    Like $300.00 purses for just $10.00.   Now this is what I call a GOOD DEAL.

Like I said.....I don't shop clothes at sales.   I'm not what most would consider a "SMALL"  person  (that's right...I could stand to shed a few pounds) but rarely do I ever go to a sale and find clothes in sizes to fit me.     I wonder why this is?   I figure that most people that are bigger than a size 6, 8, 10, or 12........just don't put their stuff out there for fear of others knowing the sizes that they wear!

LOL......I'm laughing at myself for making that statement too!!

Speaking of garage sale items......I'm not trying to be ugly here, but who wants to buy someone's used underwear?  Not me!

I get so tickled when I see a big box of used underwear .....marked 25 cents each.   The key word is USED underwear.

Think I'll stick to my old buckets and kitchen gadgets!



Ginny Hartzler said...

Around here, we call them YARD SALES. And believe me, there are lots and lots on the weekend! They are everywhere, and so are the signs on the telephone poles. They start very early Saturday morning, and cars will block the road to line up and look! I would certainly be embarrassed to sell old underwear! Anyway, we are late sleepers, so do not get to the sales. But we DO go to the Thrift Stores and Goodwill. Several times a week! Most of my clothes are from Goodwill, and I got three new winter coats there this winter; they look like new! Well, I take a size 1X, but they have lots of Plus sizes in the Goodwill store. Not so much at the yard sales though.

Michelle said...

Yard sale season is about to start up around here. I have seen people try and sell used underwear before. Seriously, why?!!!!

Ruth Hiebert said...

I am not much of a garage sale person.I'm not into buying somebody else's stuff, no offence to those who doit's just not me. Having said that,I may have a sale of my own this spring to get rid of stuff I don't need BUT there will be no clothing of any sort.LOL

Barb said...

Hi Shug!

I agree, I would NEVER buy used underwear, I would go without first!!

I'm not a huge garage sale kind of person. I like antique show and shops and love to get a good buy, but I'm that person who says, "I don't like other peoples old stuff". My sister on the other hand, gets wonderful deals! I'm never that lucky.

We have a few consignment shops in our area for clothing, but like you, I have never found anything my size (I'm also not small... :0) ) But, I love to wear nice clothes and look nice. The consignment shops never have my size. My theory is that most women who wear more than a size 14, wear their clothes more than 6 months. I actually have a skirt that is 20 years old, and I still wear it. Garage sales are wonderful, and I hope to one day find something I love at one.

I also love old buckets and containers of all kinds! I wish I would have kept all the old stuff I got rid of years ago, I would be very happy, since they are now antiques!!

Have a great week!


Wanda said...

We call it "junking" around our house,, and more Thrift Shops than garage sales. Fun, Fun, Fun, but no used underwear....haha

Pam Jackson said...

Yard sales....used to love them. Loved shopping at them and never really minded having one. As I have gotten older that has changed. I really don't like getting out in the heat to visit them and I will NEVER have another one. Way to much work for my body. Here in the Nashville area, yard sales are about a thing of the past, folks are selling more on facebook and other sites.

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