Monday, April 25, 2016

Is this really happening?

It is truly a gorgeous day here in East Texas!!  

"A disciplined life encourages a courageous life"

Don't you just love our gorgeous American Flag!  Each day as I drive to the Nursing Home to see my dad, one of the roads leads me straight in front of a beautiful, HUGE, American Flag.

To see it flying high and swaying in the such a beautiful sight.  I always thank God for our FREEDOM!

Well....all of my friends that live here in our area, already know that our oldest grandson (Tyler) was sworn in to the Air Force this past week.  However...many of my blogging friends may not be aware of this.

I really don't consider myself as an ordinary grandmother....NO...I  
have developed a unique, one of a kind, relationship with each of my grandchildren.  I have a bond with   each grandson and granddaughter that is a loveliness far beyond rare!

I have written a journal for each grandchild and on the lines, I have written so well...the joys and the Blessings of their life growing up.

Not only are there great things written in these journals...but I have also included their hardships, their sick days, and the times when they simply gave me something that I wanted to remember as best I could.   

I think you all probably get my point here.....I LOVE MY GRANDCHILDREN!!  We as a family are so Blessed.  We all live within 5 miles of each other, and most days, I have at least three or four of the grands....stopping by "Shug's and Pops" for a snack or meal and to give Sam and I a big ol' hug!!!!   

For all these is very hard for me to even think 
of Tyler being in the Air Force.  My heart has an unstoppable pounding when I think of the places he may have to go.  

Tyler is a good Christian young man and I know that God will remain in his matter how hard or difficult the situation may be. 

Tomorrow....Tyler will be traveling to Dallas to take a very    difficult Agility and Stamina test.  This is for a particular field that he is choosing to go in to while in the AF.   Please pray for Tyler!  He has been somewhat nervous about taking the test.... 

I am praying God's Will.

I find it amazing how blogging can simply take a big load off of my heavy thoughts and send them right out the window!!

Hugs Y'all


  1. I think there is a very special bond between a Grandma and her grandchildren.From what I am reading here,I am quite sure that Tyler will carry a piece of Grandma in his heart wherever he goes.

  2. I enjoyed your good news of Grandson Tyler in the air force. You must be mighty proud. I have one who is in training now.
    I will keep Tyler in prayer for sure.
    Nice what you have done with your Grandchildren. To have
    Journalled. Writing about the good times and the difficult times you have shared .

    I made six Albums for my Grandchildren since they were born and so forth in ages. I journalled as well. They all have them now for keepsakes. I also have journalled of Grandpa born in Holland and his life as a young child to his teens and how he met me. And now our years still to-gether over 54 years. Being Grandparents it sure comes easy to tell our Grand-kids all about them and ourselves Right.Especially when we have that bond. My Grandchildren are adults now. So the love of them small has gone but now enjoying the adult life of them .To meet there boyfriends and girlfriends.

    God Bless You.

  3. I like your idea of having a journal for each grandchild. You are rightly proud of Tyler and I hope for all the best for him with the testing coming up.

  4. Shug, praying for all our soldiers. My granddaughter's new hubby is joining the military to help pay for his dental school education, and will have to give four years of active duty back. My daughter and son in law are also former military, serving in a couple of nasty situations.

  5. Many thoughts and prayers go with your grandson. Thank him for us for being willing to serve his country. My youngest daughter is married to a 13 year Marine who has served in 6 deployments to the worse of places starting in Iraq and lately in Syria. We are very proud of him (and her) and know that God has His hand on him everywhere he is sent. We are always happy when he returns and mindful of those who won't be coming back and for their poor families. Tyler knows how blessed he is to have such a good family and a really faithful praying grandma. Hang in there! Danger is determined by the Lord, and He is in control.

  6. I know what you mean...I always feel better writing out how I am feeling. It may not always make the blog, but it is a way to settle my thoughts. I'm particularly fond of the air force since my dad served in it for many years and I am an air force brat. I can't imagine how you feel because the times are so different now from when my dad served. I will send up a prayer for Tyler, for God to please keep him safe as he goes through his tests and in the future as he serves his country.


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