Thursday, April 28, 2016


Humor is the Spice of life.....

Wouldn't it be great, if  like other spices, we each had a "Humor" spice bottle in our pantry?  

Dash a little here and a little there to flavor each day with as much humor as you prefer to enjoy.

My humor bottle was opened yesterday.  Mylee and I went into to town, to visit my dad at the nursing home.....and to run some other errands.  We had many laughs while visiting dad!!  Not only from him, but from several of the other residents as well.   

My name was Jessie....!!  Dad kept calling me Jessie throughout our visit.   There was another resident that danced the entire time we were there.  It was great to see the big smile on his face as he danced around the big living area. guy who loves caps, was wearing 4 different caps on his head.  They were all stacked up on top of each other!!

After leaving the nursing home, Mylee and I stopped in at "Ulta" to pick up a few items.   When we finished our shopping, we came out to get in the car.   I pushed the unlock button on my keys and I noticed the sound was a little faint sounding.  

I tried to open the door....but it remained locked.  This happened a few more times, as Mylee and I both were desperately trying to get in the car.   I had just about decided that I was going to have to call Sam to come help us, when Mylee asked the question...."Sugar, is this your car?"

I looked in the window to find a "Yeti" cup in the cupholder with the initials......fCl        What? WHAT?.....this wasn't even my car!!!!!   You have got to be kidding me?!   It looked exactly like my car!!  But listen to this.   I have personalized license plates that say "Shug6"

I never looked at the license plates.....why would I need to?
This car looked like my car!   Oh my...Mylee and I laughed for quite a while.   She said: "Sugar...I have to tell my mom about this!"   Sure....just another thing to convince my daughters that I'm getting older!!!!

Anyways ~ humor is great for our souls.   

"A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones"    Proverbs 17:22


Monday, April 25, 2016

Is this really happening?

It is truly a gorgeous day here in East Texas!!  

"A disciplined life encourages a courageous life"

Don't you just love our gorgeous American Flag!  Each day as I drive to the Nursing Home to see my dad, one of the roads leads me straight in front of a beautiful, HUGE, American Flag.

To see it flying high and swaying in the such a beautiful sight.  I always thank God for our FREEDOM!

Well....all of my friends that live here in our area, already know that our oldest grandson (Tyler) was sworn in to the Air Force this past week.  However...many of my blogging friends may not be aware of this.

I really don't consider myself as an ordinary grandmother....NO...I  
have developed a unique, one of a kind, relationship with each of my grandchildren.  I have a bond with   each grandson and granddaughter that is a loveliness far beyond rare!

I have written a journal for each grandchild and on the lines, I have written so well...the joys and the Blessings of their life growing up.

Not only are there great things written in these journals...but I have also included their hardships, their sick days, and the times when they simply gave me something that I wanted to remember as best I could.   

I think you all probably get my point here.....I LOVE MY GRANDCHILDREN!!  We as a family are so Blessed.  We all live within 5 miles of each other, and most days, I have at least three or four of the grands....stopping by "Shug's and Pops" for a snack or meal and to give Sam and I a big ol' hug!!!!   

For all these is very hard for me to even think 
of Tyler being in the Air Force.  My heart has an unstoppable pounding when I think of the places he may have to go.  

Tyler is a good Christian young man and I know that God will remain in his matter how hard or difficult the situation may be. 

Tomorrow....Tyler will be traveling to Dallas to take a very    difficult Agility and Stamina test.  This is for a particular field that he is choosing to go in to while in the AF.   Please pray for Tyler!  He has been somewhat nervous about taking the test.... 

I am praying God's Will.

I find it amazing how blogging can simply take a big load off of my heavy thoughts and send them right out the window!!

Hugs Y'all

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Trust your memory or Write it Down....

Have you ever heard..."Don't trust your memory, write it down?"

I am finding this particular statement to be just as true as it could ever be!!  It can't be an age must be the busyness of life.    

I'm not complaining....Not one bit...cause I love everything that I do!

Making notes is something that I have always done.  Not because I don't trust myself...I do it so I can keep myself focused on my life matters.   I also file most of my notes, just in case I need to refer back to a particular situation, later on in life.   

By keeping keeps me from overloading myself on a daily basis....

I also know that if I don't control MY TIME....others will control it for me!!  NOW..LET ME TELL YOU....this can become very difficult and distort your memory when you have to try to replace your own thoughts with that of figuring out what others need you to do!!!

Speaking of memory....let me tell you about my adventure today.  I was moving Oldest Grandson's (Tyler's) truck today so that it would be in the shade.  I put it in reverse and backed it up under a shaded tree.  I turned the key off and when I went to take the key out of the ignition, it WOULD NOT come out.

The truck also would not crank!!  What to do??  I called Trista to find out where my sweet son-in-law was at, so he could come to my rescue.  Of course...he was on the Golf Course!   

He later came by to see if he could figure out what was going on.  It took him about 1 minute to figure out the problem.  

Gosh...why do I feel so dumb for telling you what the problem was?????

I FAILED to put the truck in "Park!"   It was still in reverse and this is the reason it would not crank...the reason I could not get the key to come out!!

I promised Ty an extra gift at Christmas time....if he would not tell anybody!  That didn't happen...HE TOLD!!  lol.

So much for memory!!

hugs to you all...

Friday, April 22, 2016

Blind Spots in Life

Hey there......

I'm so glad to be here....on my Blog...TODAY!

I do believe that I'm getting closer to figuring this out!  We all have our very own Blind spots in life and I know that I have sure had a blindfold on, for a while now.  My blind spot has been caused by my own failure to reach the potentials that I know are mine.

I had to take some time to figure out why I was struggling so much with my blogging.  After much thought....I realized that I have walked away from my original intent on having a blog in the first place.   

I love my camera and I love taking pictures.....but the fact that I have been trying so hard to make sure that I was including pictures in my post each day.....was simply wearing me out.   I live a busy life and I really do not have the time, nor the opportunity to get out there and find things to snap photos of.....that will be interesting to everyone or will go with every post that I write.

I forgot that my blogging was first intended to help me keep up with my love of journaling life.....and along the meet a whole lot of wonderful blogging friends!  

I also forgot that I intended for my thoughts to be an inspiration to others.  To perhaps touch someone's life in a way that only God could possibly understand.  I wanted God to use me to deliver Hope to those who may be needing a word of encouragement...   I also wanted God to help me share my love for HIM, with others.   

I started out doing all these things and I found myself to be very content.   But.....somewhere along the way, I got a little distracted....trying to keep up with what others might be doing on their blog.   I found this to be a chore....and I was beginning to lose my love for writing.   I was reaching for more followers and more comments, which are great things to have....but not if it means that my focus in writing is being neglected.

I want what I have to come from my heart!  This isn't to say that I won't ever post photos, are come up with something way off the wall to write about.......But I do intend to get back into writing the things that are real and true to me.  

I'm ready to be back enjoying what I love to do!!

Hugs to all of you....

Saturday, April 9, 2016

What will my mind tell me to do?

I read, just today that it's best to remove the word "WOW" from our everyday life!  Evidently....people, overuse this word.
I can truly say....I'm more than likely GUILTY of "wowing" too much!!

With this said, I'll just say....... Jeepers Weepers!

Jeeper Weepers, I can't believe that I'm just now changing my page, from March to April.  Oh least I'm here NOW!

It's not that I've lost my interest in blogging.....I just find that my life is BUSY!   I have a lot of thinking to do as to whether or not I plan to keep my Blog!   I'm just not sure as to what it is benefiting....other than the fact that I so enjoy my blogging friends.   However....most of you are all on my Facebook page and I keep up with you on there.  

IDK.....we shall see what my mind tells me to do....


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