Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Seeing the Smallest Detail

I have a fond love for ART, which makes it easy for me to admire the morning sunrises and the evening sunsets.  God's beauty surrounds us every single day!

It is my choice as to whether or not I receive those things around me as God's gift...or I can simply take everything for granted and ignore the hand of God surrounding me. 

The sweetest part of my day is when the Holy Spirit speaks to me through the Gracious Blessings that come from the Lord!  

I pray each day that my vision will be perfected in seeing even the smallest detail of what God places before me!!




  1. You are correct in saying that we need to keep our eyes open to all blessings like this from the Lord.

  2. We really do have to take the time to see the beauty all around us.God provides it but He won't force us to stop and look.

  3. Love your words on this post, Shug... We enjoy walking EARLY in the mornings --and that sunrise is just there for US....Awesome God we have... Right????



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